Peacock is a vegetarian bird

The peacock: information about the bird in the animal lexicon

Of all the wheels, the Blue Peacock clearly has the most beautiful! He also needs his to move forward ... not on the street, but in the ladies' world.

A good turn? This is what the Blue Peacock Man attaches importance to. He has to if he wants to delight a blue peacock woman. First he screams like a cat that has been kicked on the tail. The whining can be heard hundreds of meters away. Then he sets up his shimmering upper tail cover feathers and hits his "Ferris wheel"!

The fan is three meters in diameter, supported by shorter, unadorned feathers like a corset. Now the rooster makes the hen look good. More than 100 shine towards her from his plumage. And he makes that tremble until Madame is literally at his feet.

General information about the peacock

The blue peacock (lat. "Pavo cristatus") belongs to the order of the fowl and to the family of the pheasants. It originally comes from India and some neighboring countries. Today, however, it is at home all over the world as an ornamental bird.

Habitat: where does the peacock live?

In the wild, the peacock particularly likes to live in the hilly part of the rainforest. The hen bird prefers places near bodies of water. During the day it usually hides in the dense forest. At dawn and dusk, the peacock ventures out into the vast expanses of fields and meadows to look for food.

height and weight

From the beak to the tip of the tow, a rooster is around two meters long and weighs around four to six kilograms. The hens are much smaller and lighter.

Diet: what does a peacock eat?

Peacocks eat flowers, fruits, seeds, insects and small vertebrates.

Reproduction and offspring

Why do the gentlemen fool around the ladies? Well, among peacocks, the inconspicuous brownish hens choose the dazzlingly beautiful roosters. And the hens let themselves be impressed by an imposing wheel made of thick springs. A splendid wheel is evidence of the rooster’s fitness, and that promises healthier offspring - which the rooster will never bother about, by the way.

He would like to take off right after the courtship, but the train weighs so much that it is difficult for him to stay in the air. So he strutted away on foot; its feather crown wobbles in time.

The hen eventually builds a nest in the bushes, where she hatches her three to six eggs and later supplies the chicks with seeds, berries and insects. By the way, the young cocks are completely dad: As soon as they stand on their feet, the young seducers turn the wheel and hit one.