What Saturdays are holidays in India

Holidays in India 2021-2025

Fixed holidays

Public holidays that are not public are shown in gray.

Moving Holidays in India

Holidays whose changing date we cannot (yet) calculate:

Probably the most important secular holiday in the Indian calendar is the national holiday - i.e. the Republic Day on January 26th. The occasion is the entry into force of the constitution in 1950. On this date, a large parade is celebrated in the capital. The is also committed nationwide Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2nd.

There are also numerous Hindu holidays, none of which are nationally anchored as public holidays. Nevertheless, they are mostly celebrated nationwide and in most regions of India these are also non-working days. Due to the Hindu and thus polytheistic beliefs of the majority of the population, there are numerous peculiarities and different holidays in the respective religious manifestations.

First and foremost in its meaning Diwali Festival of Lights. As good, light triumphs over darkness - evil. The similarities almost end with this extremely rough description. The characteristics and interpretations are different across the country. In many regions of the south it is about the victory of Krishna over Naraka, while most of the northern residents associate the day with the exile of the god Rama.

That is what the Indian Muslims say Festival of Sacrifice(al-Adha) and the end of the Lent(al-Fitre) in the foreground. The few Christians in the country also celebrate Easter and Christmas. In addition, there are some less widespread holidays from the most diverse religions in diverse India.