What are the learning phases of C ++

How long does it take to learn C ++?

It certainly also depends on what you want to program. If you want to develop executable programs (applications, games, etc.), you don't have to learn that much. Because you then use ready-made libraries and APIs that are sensibly made available to you.

What you can get rid of right away is to want to learn "everything that C ++ has to offer". It's also no shame not to know everything. Most of the time you have heard that you can do this and that with C ++ in a special way. But you will not be able to apply everything specifically and understand it in detail.

Depending on what kind of solution you are working on with C ++, you will learn a subset of C ++. I started with C ++ 10 years ago and still haven't used template metaprogramming. Because I didn't have any need to use it to solve a specific problem myself. I only used simple templates. But when I look at Boost Spirit, for example ... oh oh! But it's enough if I only use Boost Spirit when I need it. I don't have to know how to design and implement Spirit myself. You can not know everything!

That's why I would say it might take you a few months to implement your first small applications. It depends on whether you have programmed before and have a programming understanding.