Mike Tyson was a fighter

Tyson's most spectacular fights | The bite! The million-dollar fight! The beginning of the end!

It's the most spectacular sports comeback of the year!

Boxing legend Mike Tyson (54) will be back in the ring tonight. At 3 o'clock the Tiger fights against Roy Jones junior (51) in a show fight over eight rounds (two minutes each). Sky broadcasts the ring battle.

BILD looks back on the greatest and most bitter Tyson moments!

The bite that went down in history

The scandal fight of the century. On June 28, 1997, the then 30-year-old Tyson met the reigning world champion Evander Holyfield, at the time 34 years old, in Las Vegas. It's a rematch between two ring giants. Seven months earlier, the old master Holyfield Tyson took the title from him by technical knockout. in the 11th round. And in the rematch, too, things are going well for Tyson, he's quickly behind on points.

Then the third round. The challenger bites Holyfield off of his right ear. Shortly before the end of the round, Tyson even tries again. During the break, the scene runs on the video cube and Tyson is disqualified. Holyfield once said in an interview to the world: “He was completely out of control, was extremely desperate. I think if he'd had a gun at that moment, he would have shot around. ”And the ear? It was sewn with eight stitches, the injury is still visible today.

The youngest world champion of all time

A star is born! On November 22, 1986, Mike Tyson becomes the youngest heavyweight world champion of all time. In Las Vegas it takes until the 2nd round until Trevor Berbick is in the ring dust. Tyson is 20 years and 144 days old at this point and the greatest boxing talent of all time. His record before the World Cup fight is already incredible. 27 wins in 27 fights. 25 by knockout - and: 15 (!) In the 1st round. No question about it: Tyson brought brutality back to the ring. He became Tyson the Terrible!

The million-dollar fight

July 26th, 1988. Tyson meets the previously undefeated Michael Spinks. And makes kindling out of the American. The fight, which is one of Tyson's best, lasts exactly 91 seconds. For Spinks it was the first and only defeat in his professional career. After the lightning knockout. Spinks stopped boxing. In the fight you can see the technology very well, but also the brutality with which the 1.78 meter tall Tyson acted in his best times. In addition, the machine collected $ 22 million for the fight - a record amount at the time!

The beginning of the end

February 11, 1990. Mike Tyson is the ultimate in boxing. A natural event! A machine! And invincible? Before the fight against challenger Buster Douglas, the matter is crystal clear. The underdog has a win rate of 1:42. And Tyson remained undefeated in his 37 previous fights (33 by knockout). In Tokyo, however, Douglas made the fight of his life, keeping the increasingly angry Tyson at a distance. The champion of three associations got tired - and finally sent to the boards in the 10th round. A defeat from which Tyson could never really recover. From then on it went downhill in boxing, but also in private.

The fight before the fight

June 8, 2002. Tyson vs. Lewis! Or also: Tyson against the rest of the world. Because even in the run-up to the fight, things are going well. At a press conference, Tyson storms out of his mind at the reigning world champion, is stopped by a bodyguard for the time being. A wild mass brawl develops. At the end of it Tyson Lewis bites in the thigh (!). For the ex-world champion, a fee of 30 million dollars jumps in the fight of the year. Probably turned his head. Because he verbally distributes low blows in the direction of Lewis, saying he wants to "eat his children and tear his heart out." In the ring, nothing more of the martial statements can be seen. In the eighth round, Lewis knocked out Tyson K.o. in a one-sided fight.

The last fight

June 11, 2005. Tyson steps into the ring for the last time. The former ring legend was already 38 years old at the time. He meets the unknown Irishman Kevin McBride. The Irishman receives $ 250,000, while ex-world champion Tyson receives $ 5 million. But even against the second-rate McBride, Tyson no longer manages to even begin to build on the old class. After the defeat, Tyson announces his resignation. Til today...

Display: Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. live on Sky

Sky will broadcast the show fight live as PPV (pay-per-view) from Saturday to Sunday from 3 a.m. Bookable either online at sky.de/boxen or by telephone on 089/99727980.