What is VHS C.

VHS-C on USB stick

Ideal for playback and archiving on a PC or Mac

We digitize your cassettes on hard drive or USB stick. You can send a storage medium or purchase it from us.

Complete price from € 9.95 per cassette

  • From 1 piece: € 11.95 per cassette
  • From 3 pieces: € 10.95 per cassette
  • From 10 pieces: € 9.95 per cassette


Ideal for a demonstration on a DVD player on the TV set

We digitize your videos in full playing time on one or more DVDs incl. Cover, menu, chapter markers.

Complete price from € 9.95 per cassette

  • From 1 piece: € 11.95 per cassette
  • From 3 pieces: € 10.95 per cassette
  • From 10 pieces: € 9.95 per cassette

Services at a glance

Included in the all-inclusive price

  • Full playing time and excess length of the cassettes
  • Quality controls and up to three digitization passes per cassette
  • Removal of black images and TV recordings
  • MPEG-2 format

Additional services

  • Express processing in 5 working days instead of 3-4 weeks for an additional € 9.95 per cassette
  • Cassette repair for € 9.95 per cassette (if successful)
  • Format conversion e.g. B. MP4 for € 3.95 per cassette
  • USB sticks and hard drives of different sizes

From VHS-C cassette to video on hard drive in just a few steps

Click on the "To order" field and compile your order with video format and storage medium.

At the end of the process you will receive a form that you can print out.

Please send your videos to us in Leipzig together with the order form.

If you have given your email address, you will receive an order confirmation from us.

As soon as we have processed your order, we will send you the data carrier and your video cassette including an invoice - ready for a cozy movie evening.

Service at a glance

Our customers recommend us to others

Rescue your VHS-C tapes

The VHS-C or S-VHS-C is a smaller cassette that is inserted directly into the corresponding video camera and can also be played back in your home video recorder using an adapter cassette. The technology used corresponds to that of classic VHS cassettes. A VHS-C is easy to recognize by the "VHS-C" imprint. If you no longer have a video recorder or an adapter cassette, you can simply have your (S-) VHS-C digitized by vinett-video. This makes sense because your recordings slowly but surely lose quality due to external influences.

Distorted images and sounds as well as pale colors are the result. Burned to DVD or hard drive, you can view your recordings on the television or computer and, if necessary, change them later or copy them for family members.

On DVD or hard drive?

As a video DVD in the DVD player

Ideal for showing a movie on TV

If you want to play your VHS-C videos mainly on the television with a connected DVD player, we recommend digitizing your VHS-C to video DVD. To do this, we create a DVD with a menu and chapter markings from your recordings, as is customary with professional films. Nothing stands in the way of a cozy movie evening with the whole family.

If you also want to edit or archive your recordings on the PC, you would have to convert them to video files here, which is possible with free tools (DVD ripper).

As a video file on hard drive

Recommended for post-processing and archiving on the PC

A digitization from VHS-C to hard drive, or alternatively USB stick, makes sense if you want to view or archive your recordings primarily on the computer. In this case, connect the hard drive or USB stick to your computer and click on the appropriate file. Many modern televisions today also have the ability to play videos from USB devices.

We secure your memories - reliably and uncomplicated
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