Harry Potter is a hero

Harry Potter - hero of two worlds

Traxler, Sandra (2011) Harry Potter - hero of two worlds.
Diploma thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Supervisor: Gissenwehrer, Michael

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Abstract in German

The film adaptations of the "Harry Potter" novels by J. K. Rowling form the most successful film series of all time and millions of cinema-goers made their contribution to this. A very extensive film team made their contribution by bringing one of the most beautiful fantasy worlds to life on the screen. The phenomenon “Harry Potter” has been researched countless times, torn apart by reviews and analyzed in terms of film technology, until the conclusion that it must be due to the magic that enchants all age groups and whose world casts them under its spell. My work deals with this phenomenon and its film dramaturgical history. Based on the works of Joseph Campbell and Michaela Krützen, I compare their contributions to the “journey” of a hero or a main character with a total of eight “Harry Potter” films. While Campbell's model of the “hero's journey” finds a mythological-psychological approach, Krützen contrasts yours with the dramaturgical structure of a film. Harry Potter, sees the light of day as the son of a wizard and a witch. A few months later, the most powerful evil wizard of all time, Voldemort, kills his parents. Harry survives the attack and grows up with his aunt and uncle, ignorant of his true identity. Harry's journey begins when, on his eleventh birthday, he learns who he really is from a half-giant named Hagrid. He attended Hogwarts Magic School for seven years, made new friends and had the most fantastic adventures with them. His journey ends with the last part of the saga, in which he faces the murderer of his parents and destroys him. Harry not only saves the whole world from the takeover of the dark power, but also avenges the death of his parents. But not only Harry's development from sorcerer's apprentice to adult magician is part of my work, I also explain the coexistence of the two worlds of history, the real and the magical. In this sense I close the circle of my work with the words: "Mischief managed"!

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Harry Potter

Document Type: University thesis (diploma thesis)
Author:Traxler, Sandra
Title:Harry Potter - hero of two worlds
Subtitle:examines the phases of the hero's journey in Harry Potter using the books by Joseph Campbell and Michael Krützen
Circumference:122 p.: Ill.
Institution:University of Vienna
Faculty:Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Publication year:2011
Language:ger ... German
Supervisor:Gissenwehrer, Michael
Assessor:Gissenwehrer, Michael
Classification:24 Theater, film, music> 24.34 film genres, film branches
24 Theater, Film, Music> 24.32 Film history
24 Theater, film, music> 24.33 Film production, film technology
24 Theater, film, music> 24.37 Film: other
AC number:AC08881444
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