What is a touch of trust

A touch of Christmas spirit and confidence for the new year

With the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, the anticipation for Christmas and the Christmas spirit are quickly lost. What remains when gifts are bought and packaged, the Christmas parties are over, the last punch stand closes? Instead of staging a perfect Christmas, you think about what is in your heart and what really matters in life.

You look at what you have with gratitude and enjoy it. Christmas has a different meaning for everyone. For many, what counts is being together with family, friends, like-minded people, the Christmas rituals or even the sparkling children's eyes under the Christmas tree. For others, Christmas also means retreat, quiet and relaxation.

Every year: Christmas rituals

Christmas is characterized by recurring rituals. These rituals follow a fixed sequence and offer security, especially in uncertain times. They don't solve any problems, but for a moment there is courage and strength. Whether the rituals take place in a community or for oneself is very different: the Advent wreath, on which a candle is lit every Sunday, baking cookies alone or in a community, choosing and decorating the Christmas tree in the forest or attending Christmas mass. A cozy evening with tea and Christmas biscuits, with a cozy blanket and favorite music and feeling good. What they all have in common is that this creates ritual security.

With confidence into the new year

After Christmas, the year draws to a close. A good opportunity to look back on the past year with gratitude and dare to take a look at the new year. What will happen professionally and privately, how will I be in the next year? Trust and confidence are helpful against fears, uncertainty and doubts. With a confident demeanor and confidence that life means good to everyone, you dare to tackle problems and be better prepared for challenges in the New Year.

Despite the overstimulation, a touch of Christmas spirit can arise: The feelings that count within us are: joy, warmth of the heart, affection, inner peace, gratitude and

A contemplative, joyful Christmas to all readers, whether alone or with loved ones, and a happy, confident New Year.