Why did you finally commit to marriage?

Proverbs 6
Hope for all

Four dangers

6 My son, did you handshake yourself to pay for a stranger's debts? Are you bound by a promise you made? Have your own words become a noose for you? Then there is only one piece of advice: try to get out of it as soon as possible! The believer has you in his power - so go to him and storm him until he releases you. Don't put it off, don't give yourself a rest! Try by all means to wriggle out of the hunter's trap like an animal!

Watch the ants, you slacker! Take an example from them so that you can finally get smart: They are not driven by any superior; Nevertheless, they work hard all summer and build up their supplies in the harvest season. How long do you want to stay in bed, you slacker? When will you finally get up 10 "Let me sleep a little more," you say, "I just want to close my eyes for a while and take a breather!" 11 But while you are resting, suddenly poverty is there and distress attacks you like a robber.

12 A worthless and mean person can be recognized by his behavior: He spreads lies, 13 winks meaningfully at his accomplices and makes all sorts of gestures with which he tries to fool others. 14 His nature is false and insidious, he always has evil in mind and always sets up a fight. 15 That is why misfortune will strike him unexpectedly; he suddenly comes to a terrible end - without any hope of salvation!

16 Six things are hated by the Lord, and the seventh he also abhores:[a]

17 Eyes that look arrogant;
a tongue that spreads lies;
Hands that kill innocent people;
18 a heart that makes sinister plans;
Feet that run fast to do evil;
19 a witness who gives false testimony;
a person who turns friends against each other.

20 My son, obey your father and mother and do not ignore their instructions! 21 Remember her words at all times and keep them in your heart! 22 They should accompany you day and night, protect you when you sleep, and advise you as soon as you wake up in the morning. 23 Because the upbringing of your parents is like a light that shows you the right way; their exhortations give you access to a full life. 24 They warn you about someone else's wife, about the adulteress who lures you with bewitching words. 25 Do not let yourself be caught by her charms, do not covet her when she makes you look beautiful. 26 You only pay as much for a whore as for a loaf, but if you break into marriage with a married woman, you pay dearly with your life.

27 Can you carry fire in your coat pocket without setting the coat on fire? 28 Can you walk barefoot over hot coals without burning your feet? 29 Just as bad are the consequences of sleeping with someone else's wife: no one who does it goes unpunished. 30 Those who steal bread because they are hungry are not despised. 31 If caught, he'll have to replace it seven times, but that'll cost him all of his possessions at most. 32 On the other hand, those who commit marriage have lost their minds and are ruining themselves. 33 He is beaten and also reaps abuse and disgrace, which he can never get rid of. 34 A jealous husband snorts with anger and has no mercy in his vengeance. 35 No compensation you offer him, no gift, no matter how great, will appease him.