What is a crusher

Crusher (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Breaker, Plural: Breaker
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈBʁɛçɐ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) high, strong wave
2) Machine for crushing hard materials, mostly rock
Origin of the term:
Loan translation to English breaker in the 19th century
General terms:
1) wave
2) Crusher
Application examples:
1) “Without this backup, the Crusher, who constantly pulled on our boat and sometimes even rolled over us like straws washed overboard. "
1) “He stepped out into the morning haze and let his eyes wander over the bay, where now 15 ships are in the relatively calm swell beyond the Crusher bobbed. "
1) “Everything went reasonably well for a minute or more, but then came in Crusher the bow of the dinghy, straightened it almost vertically and then turned it with the keel up. "
2) a Crusher is used to convert coarse rock into gravel of uniform size.
Word formations:
Nominative: singular Crusher; Plural Crusher
Genitive: singular Crusher; Plural Crusher
Dative: singular Crusher; Plural Crushers
Accusative: singular Crusher; Plural Crusher


Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The storm 'Gloria' brought the Balearic Islands up to 15 meters high Crusher.
Mallorca Zeitung, February 8th, 2020

Tesla's Cybertruck is a Crusherthat doesn't fit in every garage. Now Elon Musk comments on the possibility of a smaller version.
Computer picture, May 25, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Grundsee
  • wave
  • wave: elevated, poetic: large and strong water wave; transferred: Expression of a feeling or something similar by many people
  • Chunks: Fragment, a mostly irregularly shaped, often broken off piece; transfer something particularly time-consuming, large, difficult or difficult; translate some incoherent words, fragments of speech
  • Brummer (coll.)
  • Steam roller (coll.): Road construction, obsolete road roller, which is driven by a steam engine
  • thickness: Extension of an elongated or flat structure perpendicular to the longest axis
  • Thicker
  • Dicker (coll.)
  • Dickmadam (coll.): corpulent woman
  • Fat man: coarse, derogatory: fat, fat man
  • Elephant chick
  • Barrel: a container made of wood, metal, plastic for storing and transporting liquid goods, bulk goods and the like
  • Fat belly (coarse)
  • Fat dumpling: very obese person
  • Fettmops (coll.)
  • Fat sack (rough): coarse, derogatory: a very fat person
  • Fat paunch (coarse): colloquial, coarse, derogatory: big belly; Colloquial, coarse, derogatory: person with a big belly
  • Fleischberg (rough): coll. amount of heaped meat; tall, quite corpulent person
  • Colossus: a superhuman statue; transferred: an object or living being of colossal size, a giant
  • Ball: Geometry Volume surrounded by an edge, the points of which are all equidistant from a point (center point); general: three-dimensional round object, in contrast to the ball mostly hard; Object that is fired from firearms
  • Moppel (coll.): Colloquially: short person with a round figure; fat little dog
  • Pug: Breed of dog; plural only, colloquial: female breasts; Variety of the mountain pine Pinus mugo; Colloquially: a fat, usually shorter person
  • Person of weight (coll., Ironic)
  • Splendid specimen (coll., Ironic): Specimen that fulfills the desired properties in a particularly splendid way
  • Chubby (coll.)
  • Quetschwurst (coarse)
  • Rollmops (coll.): rolled up sour herring with pickled cucumber and onion rings in it
  • Heavyweight (coll., Ironic): Sport, no plural: weight class for athletes in boxing and weightlifting; Sport: athletes in this weight class; Colloquial, joking: person with heavy weight; no plural: the most essential point / factor to consider
  • Barrel
  • fat person (main shape)
  • fat pig (rough)
  • fat pig (rough)

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break: ... break open, break open, break out, groundbreaking, fallow, green beans, break, crowbar, breaker, crowbar, break, refractive index, breach, chunk, break, break through, break in adultery ...

wave:… Ola opposite words: 4) axis (does not transmit torque) subordinate terms: 1) breaker, flood wave, tsunami 2) pressure wave, electromagnetic wave ...

case: Waterfall 5) Crusher (on the sea) 6) Wrinkle (in clothes) 7) Wave in the hair 8) Case (linguistics) Origin of the term: The Faroese word is originally related to the German "Fall" and goes back to Indo-European * pal- " fall "

frangent: frangente (Italian) part of speech: noun, (masculine) cases: singular il frangente, plural i word meaning / definition: 1) difficult situation 2) crusher, riff translations ...

speaker: 語 り 手 (か た り て, katarite), 話 し 手 (は な し て, hanashite) Similar terms: breaker, speak

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