Why aren't people interested in flowers?

From people who hate flowers

Since it's travel time, I can suggest an interesting but perhaps not very entertaining game. While you are on your bike, car or train, count the lots on which the residents and owners have declared war on all blossoms. You might be surprised at how many gardens and on how many fields and plots everything is green, but absolutely nothing is in bloom.

Why do people love perfectly cut shrubs, box hedges, thujas and short-cut lawns without wild herbs (weeds)? Why do people hate flowers?

Gardeners hate the blooms?

We are now calling such gardens “Green Hell” and bees would agree with us, because such gardens without flowers provide almost no livelihood for many insects.

In our GartenGnom garden we simply let many plants grow and thrive. We plant countless flowering plants and plan so that something always blooms somewhere from spring to late autumn. Fortunately, there is also a small nature reserve near our property, because otherwise we are surrounded by gardens without flowering plants - English lawn, boxwood and thuja everywhere you look. We find wild bees, honey bees and bumblebees, butterflies, fireflies and all kinds of beetles, worms and other insects as well as moles and a variety of songbirds. Some of these animals would certainly be found in our garden without the flowers, but many of them would have no livelihood without the resulting balance.

So do gardeners hate flowers? I think that one can answer here with a resounding no. Most people love flowers and blossoms, they like to smell them and enjoy their blaze of color. But why are flowers banned from our world apart from cut flowers on the table? In the fields it is clear, because all weeds have to be laboriously removed during or after the harvest, but this has fatal consequences for the environment. However, why so many private gardens have declared war on flowers is not entirely clear to me.

Your opinions and experiences

I would be interested to know whether you have had such experiences, or whether you also know areas in which flowers also have a place in private gardens. Write to us in the comments, we are very interested in your experiences, thoughts and opinions.


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