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The following history:

At the beginning of the summer vacation our child developed a cystitis with a high fever. Since our Julchen showed absolutely no symptoms, a urine sample was only taken after 5 days and there was a brisk number of E. coli bacteria. On the 6th day my child was already completely fit and free of fever, but we started a 10-day course of antibiotics on advice.

During this course of antibiotics, a terrified doctor called us and said that his colleague had not examined our child thoroughly enough. ??? We were hurriedly sent to the emergency room with our perfectly healthy child. :O

6.5 hours of examinations, blood draws, urine samples, ultrasound of the kidneys ... our child was very healthy! : D

4 weeks later the next summons to the hospital for a follow-up examination. Blood test, urine test, detailed examination, child in top health! : D

Today came the next summons to have a kidney scan next week (this is called "Njurscintigram-DMSA"). We should bring 6 hours of time with us: o, local anesthesia, radioactive contrast medium (isotope) via cannula, etc. : o: o

This is totally superfluous madness! : o My child is very healthy, has never had anything serious and just a windy cystitis! I want to avoid this insane investigation and I am strictly against it!

Please what do you think Experience?

: o Holla, I'm not a doctor and have no medical knowledge but that sounds really too violent for me. sure, if she had cystitis all the time - okay. But because of ONE time? As a mother, I would really go on strike. : -X

For God's sake, please not with a UNIQUE story!
Why should that be done? Have you seen valves with reflux? Constrictions? Do you have kidney problems in your family?

we had that kind of examination when lio was three weeks old, but for different reasons. (all of the following things only reflect what the doctor said to me, I am not one myself and have no more idea) that may sound stupid now, but the examination is not as bad as it looks. That means worse for us parents than for the patient.

the anesthesia (why local?) with us it was a slight sedation, especially because you have to lie absolutely still for the recordings and that is difficult to explain to children.

this "immobilization" is very small in terms of dosage, and cannot be compared with anesthesia or anesthesia. the children should just doze / sleep the two minutes that the recording takes.

You should stay there for the six hours so that you can be absolutely sure that you will get it well and that there were no side effects, you can only leave when she is fit again. hence the long time specification.
So not because of the examination but to be safe because of the sedation.

honestly, ne severe bladder inflammation, if the doctor orders something like that, he wants to make sure that it doesn't go up the kidneys. because that's pretty bad.

lio only has one kidney over, and as soon as something indicates a urinary tract infection, we are under closer observation, because a migrating infection could be the end of your healthy kidney.

and even if you don't paint the devil on the wall, kidney pelvic inflammation is really crap, painful and not to be wished for by anyone.

and if something goes up, it's good to know as early as possible. healthy children have two kidneys, but they are also worth protecting.

what does your original doctor mean? the / she must have some reason to order something like that?

At the age of 3 months, Jonathan was found to have a "dystrophic pelvic kidney" on the left. In other words: The kidney is smaller than the right one and lies over the bladder instead of the renal pelvis. But it seems to be working well. Jonathan was then in the hospital for kidney sonography, at the age of one again and now at the age of 2 he is supposed to go back. It should be checked whether the kidney is growing and is filled with urine. In consultation with the doctors, we refrained from an examination with contrast agent because it is clinically healthy - i.e. it has no symptoms.
In the case of a high fever, the urine is always examined, as theoretically a kidney infection could occur more quickly, possibly, maybe. So far nothing has happened. Nobody knows whether they could have reflux (whether urine runs from the ureter back into the kidney) and what the blood supply to the kidney is like. As long as he is completely healthy, nobody needs to know that urgently, I think;)

Is there something like that with your daughter?


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