Can we conduct electricity through blood?

Passing electricity through people

Conducting electricity through people:
The experiments

Covered roof tiles

Cut off flame

Balloon scales

Bear moss spore glove

Gasoline organ

Saw up the broom


Chemical canvas

Chladnian sound figures

CO2 in 2 minutes

Cola Mentos Geyser

The floating boat

The theremin

The crumpled oil drum

The simplest electric motor in the world

The geyser


Diesel ignition

Can Explosion

Wire explosion

Egg runway

Electrostatic levitation

Strawberry ice cream with liquid nitrogen

Exploding hot water bottle

Faraday cage

Color change

Fire tornado

Liquid oxygen

Make gel balls appear

Melt glass

Cucumber traffic light

Cucumber Vacuum Motor

Cucumber explosion

High / low voices

Concave mirror explosion

Hydrostatic water column

Hydrostatic water column XXL

Inverted flag


Candle aquarium

Candle staircase

Sound of car tires

Oxyhydrogen can

Spinning case

Laser bass

LED vs. incandescent lamp

Luminous cucumber

Light spectra


Methane mamba

Methane coil

Fog tornado

Polarizing filter

Reactive aluminum

Giant vortex rings

Rijke tubes

Tube orchestra

Rotating column of air

Rotating water column

Rubens’s flame tube

Salt water pipe

Inflate hoses

Floating table tennis ball

Pig blood sorcery

Strong electromagnet


Nitrogen explosion

Nitrogen fountain

Nitrogen dog

Nitrogen cloud

Passing electricity through people

Make the styrofoam disappear

Superabsorbent cup

Superabsorbent shell game

Tesla transformer

Infinite scale

Walk under the covers

Vacuum cannon

Van de Graaff generator

Van de Graaff engine

Video feedback

Business card magnifying glass

Wax explosion

Thermal camera experiments

Thermal insulation tornado

Water parabola

Water missile

Water scales

Water vapor match

Whoosh bottle

Eddy current tube

Time response