How much does an animal leather cost

Where can I buy leather accessories? How much should i pay

There's a reason the leather industry ranks an estimated $ 80 billion each year - people love the appearance of the product. Unfortunately, this high demand means that there are many poor quality products on the market.

If you are wondering where to buy real leather, you are not alone. In this article we answer some of your frequently asked leather questions. Let's begin!

Where can I buy leather accessories?

You can buy leather either online or at local stores. However, we generally recommend buying leather from online websites.


While local stores often have great products on offer, the reality is that they are usually limited to the type of animal leather that can be found in their immediate area. On the other hand, online stores have access to a whole network of different animal leathers, so you can get a much better selection.

What are the different leather qualities?

In general, leather grades are broken down according to the way the skin is treated and split. These five general categories include:

Full-grain leather - a strong material on the outer skin (durable with small optical defects)
Top grain leather - a full grain leather with the top layer removed (attractive appearance, but not as durable)
Corrected leather - any layer of leather that is sanded and treated for appearance (great for belts and similar small pieces)
Split grain leather - a layered cut from the lower layers of the animal (often used to refine color-treated leather).
Bound leather - scraps of leather stuck together (think of it as the hot dog of leather products)
Many companies also sell artifacts, which are usually made of plastic, which makes them waterproof. If you are concerned that a seller is trying to pass faux leather off for the real thing, read our guide to explain the difference here.

How much does animal leather cost?

The cost of leather depends on a variety of factors, including the specific cut, quality, and most importantly, the animal itself. The most popular type is undoubtedly cattle, as it makes up a whopping 65% of all leather material.

At around $ 5 to $ 8 per square foot, this type of material falls in the mid-range price range. If you want a cheaper product, we recommend lambskin or deer, which costs around $ 2-3 per square foot.

The more expensive products are usually made up of exotic animals that are difficult to obtain. As such, gator, kangaroo, and ostrich leather are often the most expensive at $ 16 per square foot. Note that these prices are final and do not take into account manufacturing process or thickness.

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