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7 tips to finally work focused and concentrated

Last week I wrote about how you can increase your productivity by working effectively and efficiently. The focus was on the definition of effectiveness and efficiency and that many people are not productive because they are working on the wrong tasks.

Today it's about how you can do these suitable tasks with the right focus and concentration much better and faster. Because nowadays we often find it immensely difficult to really immerse ourselves in a task, to ignore everything and to work properly focused and concentrated for a certain time.


Everyone knows the feeling of working completely concentrated and focused. This flow-like state in which you completely sink into the task and are 100% involved. Unfortunately, we cannot always, probably almost never, reach this state.

Focused and concentrated work is damn difficult for us. This is due to several things. So there are often far too many sources of distraction and often the task to be done excites us so little that we voluntarily open the door to any distraction.

However, we can optimize the initial situation in such a way that it is much easier and more often to be able to work in a focused and concentrated manner. To do this, in the first step you just have to think carefully about why we can't work on a task in a focused manner:

  1. You don't enjoy the task at hand
  2. You get distracted all the time
  3. You feel too tired or weak
  4. Inwardly, your thoughts are completely different

These four points are largely responsible for the fact that we do not manage to work focused and productive.

1. Find your why for this task

It is hardest for us to focus and to be completely absorbed in a task if we do not enjoy the task in itself. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of them.

And not just as an employee. Even if you want to earn money with your own projects, there will always be tasks that have to be done but are not fun. That will never change.

The art is to find meaning in these tasks and to motivate yourself for these annoying and unpleasant tasks. When this inner rejection of the task has been resolved, it will be much easier for you to get involved in this task and work on it in a fully focused manner.

Find the why. Why do you have to do this job. If you can't find a why for a task in your project, then you should double-check whether you are actually working effectively and efficiently on the right tasks.

Because for every task in your project, you should find a reason why it is important to get that task done. You thus have the connection between the task and the end goal again and can thus motivate yourself much more for this task.

2. Know your performance curve

As much as we want to be. We can't be productive 24 hours a day. Everyone has their performance highlights throughout the day. For a long time I've been a friend of working on projects very early in the morning because you still have a fully charged battery.

But if that doesn't work for you and you can really work productively again after 10 p.m., then this is the perfect time to work. It is important that you recognize when you really have a high energy level during the day and that you drive your project forward in these phases.

3. Come to rest inside

Do you know this agitated inner feeling that distracts you from working on a task? You have a thousand thoughts in your head at the same time: About the next vacation. What is there to eat tonight? Weekend planning,….

A short meditation session before you want to start working works wonders and clears your mind. So you can concentrate 100% on the actual task without distraction in your head.

4. Work in units of time

As I said before, nobody can be productive all the time. That is why it is very important to work in time units that alternate with shorter and longer breaks.

As a larger block of time, 1.5 or 2 hours are very suitable. Using the well-known Pomodoro technique, you can divide this block into three or four smaller work sessions of 25 minutes each, followed by a 5-minute break.

After this large block of time, you take a longer break. During the breaks, it is important to get up and leave the actual workplace. Stretch your legs and take a few steps.

The short work sessions of the Pomodoro method make it much easier for you to focus completely for these 25 minutes, as your brain can already see very well beforehand that the work block is very manageable.

5. Eliminate distractions

Concentration and focus means that you are 100% involved. It is therefore important to eliminate any distraction.

Do not check emails. No cellphone. No surfing.

Because that pulls you out of the actual task every time and the focus is lost.

6. Proper work environment

Starting from points 3 and 5, this point also builds on, on the one hand, coming to rest internally and, on the other, eliminating distractions. Because a work environment in which you feel comfortable, but on the other hand offers little distraction, boosts your focus potential immensely.

7. No multi-tasking

Are you also someone who finds it very difficult to devote yourself to just one task? Do you prefer to work on three tasks at the same time and jump back and forth between tasks every few minutes?

I know this behavior and it is often damn difficult for me to stop it. Because that is not productive. It is almost impossible to concentrate on a task in this way.

Therefore dedicate yourself to only one task and 100% of it.

Working in a focused and concentrated manner is not that easy. But the feeling of concentrated work feels great. That is also the nice thing about concentrated work. You can already perceive the state properly during work and it is very fulfilling when you manage to complete a task quickly and successfully in this state.

That's why I hope that my tips will help you to sharpen your self-perception with regard to focused and concentrated work and to complete tasks faster and more successfully with more concentration.

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