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Signs and superstitions are sometimes pretty firmly established in everyday life. The most interesting thing is that sometimes their meaning has been explained, and the history of the appearance of a person can not. But at the same time confident in its effectiveness. There are signs with gifts that some things have become "forbidden", they don't even take into account, such as: This also applies to home slippers. If you choose to donate sneakers, find out if you can give them and where does the taboo come from? And how to avoid the negative when there is no alternative present.

Home sneakers: give or not

Every sign has an interpretation and a story. What was the idea of ​​giving slippers badly? To understand this, you should refer to the story.

Ritals and superstition.

The first version that is remembered in mentioning the rehearsals relates to the funeral ceremony. The expression about the sneakers and the coffin sounded particularly colorful in the famous Soviet film "Beledring Hand" from the mouth of the hero Paphanov: "I saw you in the coffin in white slippers."

They were responsible for equipping another world at any time that they left at any time: of different nations There were our traditions to break that no one was decided. White sneakers have long since become part of the funeral rite so giving a white homemade shoe is not accepted, why is it quite understandable. Such a gift, even people who are not superstitious, will be perceived as an indication and the desires of early death. It is especially impossible to offend older people whose constancy is increasing, as is true.

It is interesting to know why these shoes are used in the rite and know. Explanation simple: It is practical, that is, it is actually the desire for a comfortable afterlife for the deceased.

It exists or it does not exist - the question is different, but the ritual is observed. White color Many nations have a symbol of purity, sinlessness, everything is clear here too.

Curious: There is also a cynical domestic explanation associated with white color. Unpainted material in ancient times cost cheaper. Let's leave this statement about the conscience of those who invented it and repeat it.

In any case, it becomes clear why he should give slippers - bad sign. It's not even superstition, but unpleasant associations.

The second version is related to the history of the use of home shoes. The fact is that many peoples have shoes in ancient times, it was almost the theme of luxury that was rich in it, and the poor went barefoot. Buying a new pair became an important event, for example it was acquired by "Über", for example a person who was gathering on the further street. Hence there was a sign that makes slippers - for separation. In principle, it is possible, but a person will soon leave the donor's life.

Historical fact: Scribre's sneakers as a gift - it has no Slavic roots for parting. Our Slav ancestors were completely secured with shoes: Plill Nappy, knitted from coarse threads from felt. Climatic conditions did not allow neglecting the sneakers, and there have always been a lot of masters and needlewomen in Russia. And the material has enough. Please Note: The tradition of home retraining seems to be wild as Europeans, owners won't come to mind to provide "shift" to guests. This is another argument in favor of the "alien says" theory.

So it explains why it is impossible to give slippers in general. Is there an exception form? This is generally not possible, but under certain circumstances you can, for example.

Sneakers as a gift: to whom and when

If you drop all superstitions, slippers can be a good gift. But not every.

  1. Some men: The potential groom, the young guy in the romance period can see the touch of a shared accommodation in the next perspective. And if he's not ready for serious action, a hint at a hint can be startled, make you think you're thinking, and especially immutable - just escape.
  2. Girl: You can see the touch of a closer relationship too. However, the reaction can be directly opposite to the men: they can perceive the gift as a proposal, of course, but of course, but ... or offended by such a pragmatic and "landed" gift - no romance, so I want it. And before girlfriends do not pseudsya: "My lover is presented."
  3. People who sincerely believe in signs. You will be upset by the prospect of parting, such a gift - to parting. It is better to offer such an opportunity in advance.
  4. To old people. Can perceive as a touch of close death.

You can make such a gift:

  • children: especially if you choose models with bright prints and cartoon characters;

Neutralize signs.

You can always give slippers if you really want to. To neutralize the action of bad, there are several options:

  1. Do not give or sell. You need to ask for money for the present: I sell 10 rubles and one point! And the problem is solved if you do not advertise all the shopping negative consequences.
  2. Tie with your own hands. Here the gift is presented not so much the subject of home-made household as your own skill.
  3. Hand with sincere wishes to get creative, so that positive emotions neutralize possible negative consequences and thoughts.

There is another option for grandparents and other close relatives. You can inadvertently "forget" your present at home. Of course it will be discovered. Answer questions in style: "I bought myself, I like it, we wear, I still buy, we will wear the same." Or suggests: "I'm too small / tall, measure, can fit." These options do not imply a solemn presentation of the present, but it is not important. And the fact that loved ones take it peacefully and be grateful to remember the donor. That means the goal will be achieved.

On the eve of the holidays, we break your head, when choosing a gift, we go through the most optimal and non-traditional options. The most common, however, is a gift that creates warm legs, preferably and aesthetics. Why can't there be sneakers?

Of course, we're talking about slippers, the most versatile and budget version of the gift. But there is an opinion that the sneakers are one of their unsuccessful gifts.

  • Since ancient times, people of all races have been very superstitious and that such individuals will not be happy for your gift. This is borne out by the popular phrase "I saw you in the coffin and in white sneakers!". I suggest finding out.
  • In ancient times, Slavs, residents of Asia and long-distance punishment were the main attribute of human burial slippers, this superstition has been postponed today and it may seem that you want a quick death that you want gifted. A person in old age can react particularly violently to such a gift, as a result of which he thinks about the senses of being and impending death.
  • There is also a belief that a series of objects brings a series of bad luck, and you experience slippers on yellow roses and clock. There are several explanations for this. The first belief resides in the fact that a close man's home slippers will certainly await a series of conflicts that will later become the cause of the breakup. This applies not only to lovers, but also friends, parents.

No less significant is the belief that sneakers should be presented as a gift in order to provide information on a shared accommodation. It is believed that if such a gift is presented to your beloved man, then it is perceived as a desire, as a desire to live together. A confusion situation can happen as the result, because your husband may not be ready for such a step and this gift that you are currently pampering.

Old superstitious principles do not cease to exist in everyday life, such as: that it was time to leave the house.

  1. If it's just a superstition, then there are so-called loopholes at such moments. You can integrate the observed obstacles. The evil spirits can be evaded by paying a few gold coins for sneakers, and the gift becomes an ordinary product and loses uncanny strength.
  2. Another part of people does not understand how to be familiar with the signs, and calmly choose sneakers in the gift roll, but, of course, if there are no other reasons to give up this gift, such as: already extensive availability of slippers, categorical snapshots, preferred one certain type of home shoes and many others.

However, if you drop it all, slippers make a great gift. If you have an absolute desire as a gift, just slip on slippers, then you can throw away all doubts without any "ifs". Before referring to dark hues, however, and even less hateful white.

Susceptible to K. light shades, who does not even give a hint of a sad event. An excellent gift is also served heated sneakers. So, present the future owner a gift, which suggests how much to care for the comfort.

To sum up, it is worth noting that, despite the various advantages that are not so noticeable, the sneakers can not give in order to avoid embarrassing situations, this is the best that each must acquire individually.

Today people continue to believe in various signs and superstitions. That is why it is not customary to give certain gifts. Sneakers are one of those items. IN different countries there are beliefs about it. Most of them are associated with negative signs. So, she didn't want to see new trainers bought for funerals as gifts. Another reason was linked to the belief that shoes as a gift mean a rescue race.

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    What are the beliefs?

    In the Asian countries it is not common to give domestic sneakers. The reason is simple: such shoes put on the feet of the dead as they are adopted to be buried in the new shoes. This is due to the superstition that after death the person turns out in the new world, where he must look decent. To do this, slippers are often used, since the legs of the dead beat and the usual shoes or shoes will be small. From here I went the winged sentence "I saw everything in the coffin and in white slippers!". Such a birthday present or New Year can be perceived with a negative. This is especially true for the elderly. At this age, a similar gift is literally perceived as a wish of death.

      Another belief is due to the fact that it is impossible to give your husband a slipper. It is believed that this leads to separation. Once upon a time, ordinary people didn't have such a wide range of shoes to choose from, and it wasn't that easy to buy. So, when a person gave such an expensive gift, it was like they were the opportunity to leave. There was a rational explanation of the signs: the high price of the present day could be the basis of the dispute. This was especially relevant for couples in love. Such a sign concerns the wear with stockings, it is believed that these items of the cloakroom indicate the use of a person.

      Not all countries use white slippers at funerals. In Tunisia they are given to the wedding. The bride is given a special basket in which white objects are folded - candles, pillows, gloves and slippers. The shoes were required to get mehnendi (from henna).

      You can hear the advice to give a man sneakers, but only if a woman wants to start life together with him: Home shoes is a personal item. Therefore, this type of gift can be perceived as a touch of close acquaintance. And not everyone will take advantage of such an offer.

      Should I give slippers and how to do it right?

      An easy way to get around superstition is not to give something, but ... sell it. For this it is worth giving one or more coins. Then the theme is bought, and that's why the sign doesn't work. Another way to get around the superstition is to make slippers with your own hands. For example in the following way.

Oh, those superstitions! In our time when we are surrounded by breathtaking technology and suddenly believe in an ancient pagan sign? However, there are people who can find something terrifying in any gift.

Usually they are nozzles. But their young confidants and relatives are however forced to cope with prejudices. Here, for example, slippers. It is asked: Why can't there be slippers? Below we look at this bug on all elements.

From the depths of a thousandth

EH from antiquity spoke in our days the question of the question: why can not give slippers? With him, people who are prone to mystics know no answer. Such a person frowns when he gives beautiful, warm, cozy slippers from a clean soul. "Did you want my death?" - Can hear in response to a gift that is left complete. Especially if the sneakers turn out to be white. "I saw you, you know where ..." - the sentence is missing and everything is familiar.

IM Christian tradition. It was common to wear a deceased man's slippers. It was believed that in such a soft shoe it would be easy and quietly change in heaven. Slippers were chosen white, with soft thin solesBecause, unlike earth, it is always clean in the sky. This indispensable attribute of burial is known to many. The old man, who thinks of death, prepares for it and is afraid of it, perhaps a gift as the wish of quick death and violently, inadequately reacting.

Another variant

Other people explain, otherwise slippers cannot give. For them this is a symbol of separation. You will never close such a gift and dear person: "What if he comes to go to go local house?".

So it is better not to risk fate or experience it, they believe, and not to do similar surprises first. After all, they bake about themselves at the same time, loving how they will suffer when their local husband leaves. To tell the truth, this is an element of selfishness. Therefore, it will be a shame if they will happen in the store in nice and comfortable sneakers. Meanwhile, on February 23rd, the bulk of women, not particularly concerned with choosing a gift, buying toilet water, or foam for shaving, or socks or slippers, and nothing terrible happened. It just depends on our relationship with a gift. That we will consider it will happen. Even ancient Romans talked about how a person would die from the death he loved. This association is simply about our ideas.

How are there slippers?

Even the superstitious person will not refuse to accept cute sneakers if the donor has to symbolically buy them. We recommend that you take back 10 or 5 copecks for your gift and remove the negative from the gift. Now it is already a happy purchase, possibly with a negotiation too. The question of why there can be no slippers will immediately disappear. Signs of malevolent nature, thoughts bring to death and separation, will cease to act. So it is considered the people.

Suspicious tip

Now people often don't register marriage, they just live together as a small family: you and me. This is the visible freedom for a man who does not feel obliged to do something and does not want to have a stamp in the passport because he will give it more or less firmly, maybe a temporary half.

Does it make sense to turn it into a gift in the form of sneakers? How will he perceive it? He can understand that the woman wants to firmly combine it with the house, that is, it is tempted, and freedom is valuable to everyone. That is why it is impossible to give slippers to a man. He can cross my mind to break free from the shackles that try to impose a woman on him when it is not at all. She wanted to create a lot of comfort and warmth, a nice udder.This only happens when the relationship is fragile, and this couple themselves will deteriorate for some time. At the same time, it is pointless for a woman to confront herself with various accusations, including the question, "Why can't you give slippers? And I did, and he left my life forever!" She suffers from bad signs when she is actually an unreliable one Man met. With him, life would not be improved even with children.

If the relationship is just beginning, slippers are very undesirable as gifts. A girl or a young man can take this as an invitation to live together, and one of them is not ready for it.

Why can't slippers show off?

If you don't believe in signs, slippers will be a very good gift, especially if you put something else in them. In the west the children hang their socks in the west and Santa Claus gives them presents. Slippers in this case - an alternative.

Bright, fun, fluffy slippers, especially with the symbolism of the year or beautiful intricate embroidery, can become a delightful gift. We weren't made to sanitary these happy vacation properties. This is everyone's personal affair. There are many things on this line. For example towels. And why it is impossible to give slippers for the same reason as the towels. It would look for a tip the man is easy. And who can like it? Yes, and especially the festive in these gifts there is nothing if they are chosen for sleeping and somehow. You are miles, but in a clean house, and for the new year I want something extraordinary, fabulous. Especially for children, girls and women - creatures need romantic and dreamy gift with a fantasy.

Who can give slippers?

Only close i. local man. Mom and grandmother will always understand you correctly. In our cold and cheese climate, they could get arthritis by now, and they will like warm slippers. Your bare legs will rest in warmth and thief. Dad and grandfather will also prepare for comfortable slippers. Especially good for the elderly, why is it impossible to give slippers from slippers? You can if you pick them up correctly. Children, despite the functionality of the gift, can also be appeased.

If they are represented by a favorite hero from a cartoon or fairy tale, then the saturated colors of slippers are made from a girl, for example, a fabulous princess. What else would you like? And a little man needs purple, dark green, mossy-like slippers. It will also be delighted with a camouflage pattern.

A favorite girl can be presented with a set of gentle slippers and a terry bathrobe.

He who constantly works on the computer makes an eyeless person who does not interfere with work, is imperceptible on the legs of the slippers.

Why can't there be slippers and a mirror?

With sneakers we seem to have completely understood. But the mirror is a very special thing. The old one, in which people looked different characters and generations, "absorbed all the positive and negative traits of these people. It will give them a new owner and is unknown what influences its fate. A new pure mirror does not convey anything bad, nor good, but it's still not worth it. The mirror symbolizes the window into the other worlds, and what is the look in the Uncharted-One - it's unclear.

In conclusion, it is worth emphasizing that gifts chosen with good thoughts have never hurt anyone, and old superstitions are better forgotten and never remembered.

If you think about it, soft slippers make a great gift. Especially in Russia, where the colds are frosty, the floors are often cold and nobody prevents an additional part of warmth and cosiness. However, signs with this reason categorically disagree. How To Be - Hear them, wave a hand, or try to compromise? To make a decision, it is worth knowing more in detail why you can not give slippers.

Why sign the owed gift of slippers

Cozy sneakers will use someone

According to popular wisdom, slippers presented to someone as a gift can serve their new owner's poor service, bring disputes, separation and death in their home. It looks like he is more likely to believe that it appeared not from real observations, but from associative chains that ancestors built:

  • The shoes are of course primarily with the legs and paths, for those who show a path from home with a pair of new sneakers, with a path from home - not with a gift without a gift that comes with dust a gift without a case;
  • It is in slippers, soft and lungs, and not in shoes or boots in most of the peoples the dead were buried, so the mustache was more comfortable in this light (although it is possible that the landed economic motive of the economy intervenes in the case) . Here you and the second association are evident.

It turns out that the signs are definitely invoking the thought of unsuccessfully buying gift slippers? Do not rush to draw conclusions! For example, in pre-revolutionary Russia, they believed that a person in his entire life did not give anyone a single pair of shoes, he will be forced to walk barefoot in paradise. So the ban, even though I existed, and we could bypass our ancestors. And they did it masterfully.

Is it possible to give slippers to a man or a woman?

Napti in Russia almost everyone painted on their own, but the shoes often give

Against the idea of ​​giving a pair of sneakers, a man rises not only folk wisdom, but also modern psychologists. In any case, when it comes to young man, with whom the Donel is only just beginning to develop a romantic relationship. At home, even a little intimate gift can be accepted by the friend as a proposal to build up the life together. Are you sure that your lover is ready and won't ask too much actors than the actual girlfriend? And to warn that "Nothing such" was noteworthy, it is pointless - half of the strong-ground representatives, after your words only fail on their suspicions. Here you came true.

But a beloved husband or a man with whom you have been with for a long time and for a long time, "a gift may come, by the way. If you take some measures, about which we will tell a little lower.

Ladies usually have romantic gifts

With the beautiful floor, everything is even more ambiguous. Here the main thing is to guess with the reason, the date and, of course, the style. Let's say pretty pink slippers, a presented girlfriend, along with the proposal to go to them in your shared apartment and spread, melt 99% of female hearts, and superstitions will not interfere. And if the belief of your chosen one overshadows the solemnity of the moment, say that you are a multicultural person and the idea for a gift learned from the customs of Tunisia and China, where the bride is compulsory as slippers: in the first case , the groom in the second.

We can properly entertain the gift, we can safely hand over the honor of the apartment with a well-known student who is aggst in his hostel; Give mom or grandmother who have chosen fur slippers; Please please your favorite piston with a new pair of expensive leather plates that a good company produce. However, you shouldn't give shoes to people you are not familiar with. First, it's against the rules of etiquette. And secondly, if a gifted person who is but superstitious, despite that it happened to him afterwards, will be taken on you.

Which huts of color cannot be given?

If you give sneakers, then definitely color

If it is decided to give a "legs dressing room", the first thing to look out for is size, and style is color.

White with a hard part of the probability is perceived negatively. Remember, "I see you in the coffin in white slippers"? The serve was not born in vain, since many peoples have traditionally sent a person on the last path in white slippers or under the connection of the deceased with another, clean and elevated world, or practically that there is no reason to spend the strength and Materials for dyeing such shoes. Even if the one who is supposed to be a gift is not superstitious, the club can have the most unfair.

Black slippers are also not the best choice as it is this color of beliefs that are associated with problems, evil spirits, and other unpleasant things. I don't want to come and choose something bright, Pestster and cheerful.

Is there a connection with the holidays?

In Russia, neither traditions nor signs are not associated with a specific celebration and permission for donating the shoes. And in Europe and the US, slippers are regularly spotted by Christmas gifts - it must be because there is no more of the season to be found for that gift. You can also relate to the experience of western neighbors who don't die massively after the holidays and snap voiced paper on some fun staged slopes.

In some cultures there is no prohibition on donating sneakers

We fear that Russian characters will be stronger than foreign customs? Then give sneakers on the house warming. But certainly family or long-lived couples together, and each of the partners should receive their gift. So, you'll bypass negative predictions and help strengthen relationships between new seals.

As for other holidays, the signs are silent here. BUT common sense suggests:

  • if you give slippers for the New Year, then multicolored, fun and funny, in the spirit of the holiday;
  • for a birthday you can take care of an exclusive gift handmade or a special model with heating or vibromassage function, which will not be ashamed of giving such a celebration;
  • on February 23 either funny sneakers in unexpected design (tanks, dogs, dried VOBLA) or expensive and very high quality;
  • on March 8, you should not give slippers, a rare woman will appreciate your idea.

Men's. feel good humor such a gift will probably like it

How to remove the negative if the owner of the gift was you

There was a great way to get rid of the negative promise from gift items in Russia - to elevate it in the Church. But since the father with a request with a proposal to spend the cap of consecration over the slippers, even the superstitious person can hardly decide, you can simply:

  • put them in water with a pinch of salt;
  • hold the candle flame (the main thing not to fail);
  • hit the aromatic wand with your favorite aroma and hang up a gift that depicts how smoke displaces all negative energy.

If you doubt that the good intentions of the donor or the soul are very restless, spray the sneakers with holy water and wear them healthy.

So give you slippers

It happens you know exactly the person who needs sneakers. And he himself doesn't seem averse to getting a new pair. And caught on the eye excellent optionso draws itself to buy it and with most of the buy good wishes. How do you deliver a gift to "negotiate" with bad signs?

Are you afraid to give To sell!

There are a couple of faithful ways:

  • make a charge of exactly 3 copecks for the thing and insist on the price - what bought, the gift is not, and therefore superstitions may be over;
  • Handing over a present, tell me that you are looking for yourself or loud "sneakers that I give gift, don't seek quarrels, a gift that should take the heart out of the cold of the cold";
  • sat sneakers after buying because good luck because who will wear them. Make it simple words, just put new clothes in front of yourself, thinking hard about a person, wish him all the best in life.

If you are interested in needlework - knitting, rolling, sewing - and independently making shoes for a loved one, do it with a light soul. With good thoughts, having absorbed the bright power of the Master, such shoes will not be afraid of superstition, and in any case they will bring with them something good.

The shoes made by your own hands hold the kind energy of the master not so very badly that it could not be bypassed. When there is a desire to give someone a certain thing, even when belief regards it as dangerous, it always ascends. For someone the help will be salt and water, for someone - comic "Selling" sneakers, and someone will have enough positive attitude. Choose things with love, give of the soul, take gratitude, and all negatives will be neutralized.