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Forgot your sunscreen? Often it is only when you are on the move that you realize what you would have needed. In order to avoid such a faupax, we have the travel accessories category in the outdoor shop. Here you can find what is useful or even indispensable when it finally starts. Of course, nobody has space to waste in their rucksacks or suitcases, which is why packing aids such as pack sacks and panniers, which keep clothes tidy and crease-free and dry, are practical helpers. If you have very little space, you may prefer compression bags of various types (e.g. with a valve). Whether it's the sunscreen with high UV protection, an effective insect spray, the biodegradable soap for skin and hair or simply the toothbrush, everything can be stored in the wash bag and is neatly together, always at hand. But even more important, if not the most important accessory, is a first aid kit. This should definitely not be missing in your luggage, especially in areas far away from local medical care.

Anyone who pays attention to luggage is sure to be happy about locks, luggage straps and address tags. This not only protects the luggage against unauthorized access but also against unintentional bursting during transport on long-haul trips. When it comes to long-distance travel, your own comfort must of course not be forgotten: neck pillows, earplugs and sleeping masks ensure that you can relax for the first time on the outward journey. Once you have arrived at the place of relaxation, it is best to conjure up your own lightweight hammock out of your travel bag or bike bag and when you take a nap in it, the valuables are safe thanks to various options for storing valuables directly on your body can easily charge your own electrical devices such as cameras, smartphones or laptops with an adapter suitable for many countries. So that all of these things actually fit in your luggage on a trip, companies such as Sea to Summit, Eagle Creek, Relags, Exped, Ortlieb, Tatonka and a few more have specialized in finding the ideal solutions for the respective travel accessories. Whether small, light, robust, stable, waterproof ... or even everything together, you will surely find what you are looking for with our travel accessories.