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Lisdexamfetamine (Elvanse)

Psychostimulant - psychotropic drugs

Lisdexamfetam is a drug from the group of phenylisopropylamines - a psychostimulant, and is used in children and adolescents to treat ADHD. ATC code is N06BA12, trade names are: Elvanse (EU), Vyvanse (USA).


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ADHD drug Elvanse soon on the market

Lisdexamfetamine: Shire Pharmaceuticals report that their ADHD drug Elvanse is to be sold in Germany in June after the BfArM approved the amphetamine in March.

Indication by Elvanse

Elvanse has been approved for the treatment of children (six years and older) and adolescents with ADHD, binge eating disorder. In the USA the active ingredient is sold under the name Vyvanse, in Europe as Elvanse.

If symptoms of ADHD have not improved even after a month, Elvanse must be discontinued.

If the condition worsens, the dose must be adjusted or Elvanse discontinued.

Before starting treatment with lisdexamfetamine, the cardiovascular condition (including blood pressure and heart rate) must be assessed and a comprehensive medical history established.

possible side effects

The most common side effects were

  • Dry mouth,
  • A headache,
  • Weight loss,
  • Upper abdominal pain,
  • Decrease in appetite and
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Lisdexamfetamine increased the pulse rate by five beats per minute.

© arznei-news.de - Source: Shire Pharmaceuticals, April 2013

Other side effects are similar to those of other psychostimulants.

ADHD drug lisdexamfetamine fails in depression studies

Shire halted development of Vyvanse (marketed as Elvanse in Europe) after the ADHD blockbuster failed in two Phase 3 trials in the treatment of depression.

The company published the results of studies with Elvanse (active ingredient lisdexamfetamine) versus placebo as an adjunctive treatment for major depression in adults who did not respond adequately to monotherapy with conventional antidepressants.

Elvanse failed to achieve the main objective of either study, so the program has been terminated.

Shire's Flemming Ornskov said the news is disappointing, but lisdexamfetamine "a potent and leading drug in ADHD" will be filed for binge eating disorder in the US later this year.

© arznei-news.de - Source: Shire, Feb. 2014

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