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Apple's App Store generates four times as much revenue as Google Play

Google's mobile operating system Android recorded a market share of more than 50 percent in Germany for the first time in November. The numerous apps that can be downloaded are particularly important for the success of smartphones, with which the two companies not only sell the devices but also generate some of their sales.

But now comes from a study of App Annie Intelligence (PDF file) shows that, despite the higher prevalence of Android devices, Google's own Play Store generated four times less sales with the small applications than Apple did with the App Store in the period between January and October 2012. The situation is different with growth: for the period mentioned, the analysts recorded an increase of 311 percent for Google Play, whereas the counterpart from Cupertino was only able to increase by 12.9 percent. Last month, the growth on Google Play was according to the figures of the analysts around 18 percent, Apple's App Store had to accept a decline of 0.7 percent.

Apple disagrees CNet the statement, however: They allegedly paid $ 6.5 billion to developers of apps between January and October. In the same period last year it should have been $ 4 billion, which is why Apple is forecasting growth of 62.5 percent. However, the sums do not include the 30 percent revenue share, which Apple withholds from every app sale.

Also notices App Annie Intelligence suggest that much has been written about the large number of Android devices sold last year, but the volume of free downloads on the Apple App Store is still 10 percent greater than on Google Play. Nevertheless, according to the analysts, Google is catching up here too, so that the proportion of free programs has grown by 48 percent in the last five months, with Apple only increasing by 3.3 percent.

However, market researchers doubt that Google can maintain the general positive trend of the past, as the increase in app downloads in recent months "slowed down considerably" have.

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