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Navionics Just take a look: The electronic maps of the Navionics web app

What is the clearance height of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney? How wide is the Corinth Canal? Or which marinas are there in Stockholm? What is the water depth in the port of Lemmer? All of this can now be looked up on the web without any problems - exactly as it is displayed on the electronic nautical chart on a plotter or tablet, in all zoom levels with the exception of some areas that only go down to a certain level of detail due to copyright issues. Example: Denmark. The only requirement for using the web app: Internet access.

Provider Navionics has put the service online for planning purposes. It is expressly not recommended for navigation. This is also difficult because the service is web-based. Nevertheless: in some places an online connection on board may be cheaper than buying the tickets. Nevertheless: Due to the lack of reliability, the offer should remain what it is: a planning aid. However, it is really fun: If a targeted holiday area comes into question for the characteristics of my yacht - just click in and take a look. Where did the vacation trip last year go again? That too is easy to understand.

Would you like to try it out? Here is the link .

Read the YACHT. Simply digitally in the YACHT app (iTunes and Google Play) or order it in the shop as a subscription or a single issue:

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