Why are Muslims often stereotyped as terrorists?

Muslims in Europe

Sabine Schiffer

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Dr. phil., born 1966; Linguist and media pedagogue, Institute for Media Responsibility, Goethestra├če 6, 91054 Erlangen.
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Media professionals should ensure responsible reporting on Islam. Media literacy is, in turn, a key qualification for users that makes them responsible citizens in a functioning democracy.


Islam is not the subject of this essay, as is most of the media accounts that would have us believe it. The view of "" Islam and "the" Muslims - if such generalizations are even permissible - is indirectly shaped by international reporting. [1] Such a rather crisis-oriented weighting determines the respective updated aspects. This latent link can hardly be offset by freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Because focus is a natural part of human communication to a certain extent.

The media are our main sources of information, especially when it comes to issues we don't have access to. While they allow us to participate in things that we do not experience directly, they structure the perception of these things at the same time, with increasing quantity because the secondary experience through media is constantly increasing. Active reflection on this must take place more so that no distorted ideas about "the world" arise.

In the following, the economic and political structures of everyday work in the media or even the power structures of media corporations and the media management of influential political parties are not so much of interest, but rather the way of conveying information in general. [2] Because the automatisms of information processing, which always occur with more or less distorting effects when conveying messages, must increasingly move into awareness in order to be able to confront any representation with the necessary distance and not succumb to undifferentiated conspiracy theories that do not come of age, but feelings of powerlessness produce.