What is an angle grinder

Angle grinder and flex: the same or different?

The angle grinder and its areas of application

One thing first: Flex is nothing more than another name for the tool called the angle grinder (€ 48.74 on Amazon *). The name "Flex" comes from the tool company Flex-Elektrowerkzeuge, a company that was founded in 1922 and 13 years later offered angle grinders for the first time. For a long time the company had a predominant market position for these products, so that the brand name became practically a synonym or generic name for all tools. In 1935 the first angle grinder came on the market that still worked at relatively low speeds. The tool with a high-speed drive then followed in 1954. The name Flex is still used very often today. In the meantime it has even become an activity, namely flexing, i.e. separating materials with such tools.

  • Other names for angle grinders

In addition to the name Flex, there are numerous other names for the typical tools with rapidly rotating grinding or cutting discs and an angular gear, which gave the tool its name. These are some of the most common names:

  • Power cutter
  • Separation witch
  • Grinding witch

The angle grinder in different versions

It is always a typically structured tool with the angular gear, in which the power generated by the motor acts almost around the corner on the actual tool. The tools are available with different drives. In the beginning it was mainly tools with electric motors, while larger angle grinders and cutoff grinders worked with gasoline engines. For some years now, battery-operated tools have also been available in stores that offer the advantages of cordless tools. The tools with gasoline engines are particularly often used for cutting larger components such as pieces of rail, in road construction or by the fire brigade and by the THW. The tools with electric motors (battery or mains operated) are used in workshops of all kinds as well as by do-it-yourselfers. The loud noise generated by the high speeds of the tools and the drives is typical. The high speeds result in considerable dangers when using the tools, which is why protective clothing and safety measures are necessary.

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