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4 seasons of "Shadow And Bone" are not enough: This is how Netflix should implement the 7 Grisha books

It all started with a three-season plan by "Shadow And Bone" showrunner Eric Heisserer, now there are reports that Netflix is ​​planning at least four seasons of the fantasy hit "Shadow And Bone - Legends of Grisha".

At least four seasons? We say: at most!

Netflix reserves the right to expand the series even further after this alleged minimum duration. This is very good news per se for all fans of the series about the fight of the young Grisha Alina (Jessie Mei Li) against the mighty dark one (Ben Barnes).

But now we believe that the series "Shadow And Bone - Legends of Grisha" about the adventures of Alina will NOT have more than four seasons! The main storyline about Alina and her efforts to destroy the shadow corridor was told by novelist Leigh Bardugo in her "Legends of Grisha" trilogy and serves as the framework for the series "Shadow And Bone". This story should be told after three or four seasons at the latest. After all, Season 1 has already completely covered the events from Book 1 ("Golden Flames").

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Rather, we bet that Netflix will create an entire series universe, should the first series continue to be successful - and spin-offs for "Shadow And Bone" on the way. After all, Leigh Bardugo not only told a story with her books, but also a “Grishaverse”, a narrative universe in which various series of novels take place.

Overview of Leigh Bardugo's 7 novels des Grishaverse:

"Legends of the Grisha" trilogy (about Alina and Mal):

  • "Golden Flames"
  • "Icy Waves"
  • "Flaming Wings"

"Crows" -Dilogy (also known as "Six Of Crows" - about Kaz Brekker and Co.):

  • "The Song of the Crows"
  • "The gold of the crows"

"Throne of Gold and Ashes" -Dilogy (about Nikolai Lantsov):

  • "King of Scars: Throne of Gold and Ashes"
  • “Rule of Wolves: Throne of Night and Silver” (to be released June 1, 2021, the original English version is already available)

Leigh Bardugo has also published short stories and a volume of saints sagas from her Grishaverse.

The Netflix series “Shadow And Bone” is so far based on two of these three series of novels - the “Grisha” trilogy and the “Crows” trilogy. But: So far, only the characters have been taken from the "Krähen" novels, not the plot - because this takes place after the events of the "Grisha" trilogy, so it could not be told in the series in parallel (unless you had the chronology of book events changed).

1st tip: "Six Of Crows" spin-off

Instead, they simply changed something else: Eric Heisserer, who also writes the scripts for “Shadow And Bone”, worked with the novelist and series producer Bardugo especially for the series invented a prequel story for the characters around Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter), also known from the books as "Six Of Crows".

Since the characters from the “Crows” novels have now been introduced into the series, the stories from the books can also be told over time, because these templates exist. Either the time of the action is brought forward after all, so that it can be told in parallel to the Alina action, or - what we tend to believe - there will be a "crows" spin-off.

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So “Shadow And Bone” can continue to be used to tell the story of the gang of crooks and how the members came together. So far, after season 1 of "Shadow And Bone", the six members of the crow gang are not even complete. According to showrunner Heisserer, an important character, Wylan Van Eck, will only be introduced in season 2 - should this be ordered, which we firmly believe.

Tip 2: Nikolai Lantsov spin-off

And in season 2 of "Shadow and Bone", which should then be based mainly on Volume 2 of the "Grisha" trilogy ("Icy Waves"), will be another new character introduced who is perfect for a second “Shadow And Bone” spin-off: the charming privateer and second-born son of the King of Ravka, Nikolai Lantsov.

Heisserer and Bardugo have already confirmed that they want to use Lantsov, who is introduced in Volume 2, in the potential second season "Shadow And Bone". An actor has yet to be found.

Lantsov has his own book series in the Grishaverse

And anyone who knows the Grishaverse novel knows: After his introduction to the “Grisha” trilogy, Lantsov received his own book series, the “Throne of Gold and Ashes”. The second novel, “Rule of Wolves: Throne of Night and Silver”, is currently only available in English, but the German translation will be on the market on June 1, 2021 and can already be pre-ordered.

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With this, Leigh Bardugo, according to his own statement, has concluded her Grishaverse saga for the time being, although she does not exclude the possibility of writing further books later. Now she is concentrating on the series implementation. And with this, the series makers can not only draw from the seven novels, but also from Bardugo's many short and background stories to their novels.

If Nikolai Lantsov is well received by the audience, we consider it very likely that the Lantsov novels will also be filmed by Netflix in addition to the “Grisha” trilogy and the “Crows” trilogy. But not necessarily as part of "Shadow And Bone", which would also go beyond the narrative framework (even without Lantsov, the first season with Alina, the Krähen-Heist-Story and the Nina narrative thread in its second half seemed pretty crammed) , but rather as a series offshoot.

Bardugo says: 7 books not automatically 7 seasons

Leigh Bardugo even mentioned that seven books do not necessarily have to mean seven seasons of "Shadow And Bone"!

“I don't want to go into too much detail here. But what I can say is that there are currently seven novels in the Grishaverse, not counting the short stories. And I don't think it takes seven seasons to tell the story because we created this alternate timeline. But I'm not the showrunner, so we'll see what Eric has in mind. "

With the "alternative timelines", Bardugo would mean that the "Grisha" and the "Crows" novels for the series were "temporally brought together" by inventing a prehistory for the "Crows" figures, that is, they are chronologically the same Level on which Alina experiences her adventures.

Bardugo's statement that she was interviewed with Collider met, sounds to us so that she doesn't believe that the Alina story necessarily needs a lot of seasons. But instead of stretching the series to seven seasons, offshoots could easily be created from the additionally created storylines.

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