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Joaquin Phoenix makes a film with Extinction Rebellion & Amazon Watch

  • Guardians of Life, with the film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Rosario Dawson, Matthew Modine, Oona Chaplin, Adria Arjona, Albert Hammond Jr & Q’orianka Kilcher, calls for action in the face of the climate and nature conservation emergency.
  • The Extinction Rebellion and Amazon Watch film is a wake-up call to the fight against deforestation, biodiversity loss, and forest and bush fires around the world.
  • The film is the first of a planned series of twelve that address the most burning problems we must grapple with in this decade that will determine the continued existence of life on earth.
  • More stars are hired as Hollywood uses its leverage to address the climate and environmental emergency, the worst crisis humanity has ever faced. To watch the movie, click here

Oscar-suspect actor Joaquin Phoenix announced that he has made a new film after Joker - a short film with Extinction Rebellion and Amazon Watch, which calls for action in the face of the climate and conservation emergency.

In this film, called Guardians of Life, alongside Phoenix, other Hollywood stars such as Rosario Dawson, Matthew Modine, Q'orianka Kilcher, Oona Chaplin, Adria Arjona and Albert Hammond Jr. from _The Strokes play.

Filmed in an LA hospital emergency room, the two-minute film heralds a new campaign to raise awareness of various aspects of the climate and conservation emergency. It serves to educate the public about the fate of the Amazon and its indigenous communities and is intended to be a wake-up call that draws attention to deforestation and the loss of biodiversity all over the world, whether due to devastating forest fires, droughts, floods or storms.

The engagement of Joaquin Phoenix, hailed as one of the hottest contenders for the Best Actor Award at this year's Academy Awards on February 9, is no surprise given that he is widely known as a climate activist. Phoenix was recently arrested at a protest organized by actress Jane Fonda in Washington DC, where he spoke about the link between climate change and animal husbandry. {: .img-fluid .my-4} For Phoenix this film means: "It is actually a call to action. My aim was to raise awareness of the effects of milk and meat production on climate change. The fact is, that we can clear and burn rainforests and watch the negative effects of our actions around the world. People don't realize we have time, but only if we act now and drastically change our consumption habits. We can't wait until governments solve these problems for us. We cannot wait until the next election if we want these changes. We have personal responsibility to make these changes in our lives and to act now. "

Shaun Monson, the director, stated that he felt he needed to make this film because previous documentaries with this message had not motivated audiences to act. “So we don't focus on deforestation, ice melt and species extinction, but instead use a metaphor for the story. The Amazon is often referred to as the lungs or heart of the world. Instead of using documentary material, we moved the scene to a hospital emergency room where doctors and nurses are trying to rescue an unseen patient with systemic heart failure. The highlight is not only who is hiding under the emergency room staff, but also what they are actually fighting for all the time. "

Leila Salazar Lopez from Amazon Watch believes that this film exemplifies life in art: “The fact that an indigenous woman saves the Amazon is not a metaphor, but a daily reality, while the rainforest is being cleared and the indigenous land out of greed is occupied. The Amazon, the breathing lungs of our earth, only survives because indigenous peoples preserve the forest, and its well-being is vital for the future of all of us. "

Sônia Guajajara, main coordinator of the Articulation of Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples (APIB) said: “This film is very important for us right now. It shows the artists 'commitment to protecting the Amazon region by making clear the key role played by indigenous peoples in the defense of' forests, the planet and life in general. "

The film is the first in a twelve-part series that Extinction Rebellion is planning in collaboration with Mobilize Earth. Each of these films thematize one of the most burning problems facing humanity as we are now entering the decade in which, as most scientists, politicians and the general public believe, the fate of life on our planet will be decided. For Matthew Modine, one of the main characters, a climate and conservation emergency means: “Our children will inherit a world that is no longer recognizable as the one I was born into. This educational film gives us the opportunity to open people's eyes so that they can see what is actually happening in front of our noses. "

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook hopes this is a first sign that Hollywood is now using its leverage to tell the truth about the climate and environmental crisis. A gap persists between the escalation of the situation and the need to act. However, it is getting smaller and smaller. More and more people, whose word has weight, step forward to tell the truth and act accordingly. " {: .img-fluid .my-4} The leading actress, Q'orianka Kilcher said: "As an indigenous actress, my main responsibility is to use my public platform to amplify the voices of those who are rarely heard , especially the indigenous people around the world who defend and protect our mother earth, the Amazon rainforest, biodiversity and animals. "

Film producer Jonathan Mintram says "This film shows fires in the Amazon and Australia, but we mustn't forget the other devastating fires from Angola to the Congo to Siberia and California."

The money to finance this film comes from various organizations, including the British Catalysts Foundation, and the global Climate Save Movement. The website for the film www.mobilize.earth aims to raise awareness, encourage action and raise funds that will benefit Amazon Watch and Extinction Rebellion.

Other supporters include the Artists for the Amazon campaign and the Environmental Media Association.

The next film in the 12-part series deals with the subject of denial and asks why we as a species would rather ignore the warning signs than decide to act now in the face of the climate and environmental emergency.

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