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ROUND BASIN with foil lining

The foil pools, which can be set up freely or buried in the ground, with a diameter of 2.0-8.0 m and a height of 0.9-1.5 m, consist of a 0.4-0.7 mm thick galvanized steel wall on the inside Protective lacquered and plastic-coated on the outside. The handrail and floor rails are made of plastic. The inner lining consists of 0.6-0.8 mm thick PVC film with high accuracy of fit in blue color (other colors such as black or gray, on request).

volume diameterheight
2600 l 2.00 m0.90 m
6000 l 3.00 m0.90 m
8000 l 3.00 m1.20 m
11000 l 3.50 m1.20 m
15000 l 4.15 m1.20 m
18000 l 4.50 m1.20 m
21,000 l 4.50 m1.35 m
25,000 l 5.00 m1.35 m
28000 l 5.00 m1.50 m
40,000 l 6.00 m1.50 m
58000 l 7.00 m1.50 m
75000 l 8.00 m1.50 m

On request, we can of course only deliver the supple, pressure-elastic and root-resistant PVC pond liner in a thickness of 0.5 to 1.5 mm in the colors black or green, as roll goods in a width of 2-8 m and a length of 15 -50 m, or made to measure. The high-quality films are insensitive to heat, frost and UV radiation and do not emit any substances that are harmful to fish or plants. They are easy to glue or cold weld.
The formula for calculating the liner requirement is: pond length + 2 x pond depth + 1 m edge = liner length; Pond width + 2 x pond depth + 1 m edge = liner width.