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Is Superman Mightier Than the Greek Gods?

In the Justice League by DC explains the origins of the Mother Boxes and the Steppenwolf to Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) Bruce Wayne.

So Steppenwolf has come before and has been beaten once. But I'm curious why Superman almost single-handedly beat him. By the time Superman showed up, the other members were almost defeated and anything that helped the other Justice League members to harm Steppenwolf was directly due to Superman first doing something to weaken him or put Steppenwolf in a compromising position bring.

In the first invasion of Earth that Diana speaks of, these are some quick points that resulted in Earth's victory.

  • The Amazonians (who were created by Zeus), the Atlanteans, and all the tribes of men formed their own unit
  • Allies from other worlds, including members of the Green Lantern Corps
  • The Greek gods themselves - Zeus, Ares, and Artemis - came and fought
  • They all banded together to fight Steppenwolf together

In the fight against Steppenwolf, in which the Justice League is involved, these are some quick points that once again led to Earth's victory.

  • They had Diana Prince, who received powers from the gods
  • Aquaman who has superhuman strength
  • Barry Allen AKA The Lightning
  • Cyborg with powers given to him by the mother box
  • Batman has developed tools to help him fight well beyond normal human capabilities
  • Superman, no explanation needed.
  • Everyone came together and fought to overcome Steppenwolf

And from the resurrection scene of Superman

We see that the other 5 members of the Justice League have no chance against Superman; In fact, it was only Wonder Women who managed to slow him down a bit, and as mentioned earlier, she has powers given her by the gods. But no one was able to stop Superman, and from that I concluded that he is far more powerful than anyone else in the Justice League.

From then on I began to wonder if if the Justice League, and especially Superman, defeated and defeated Steppenwolf with much more ease in the second invasion, then what power would it take to defeat him in the first invasion?

During the first invasion there were dozen or more Amazonians, Atlanteans, and male tribes, as well as help from many other extraterrestrials such as the Green Lantern Corps and some of the gods, who also took up the fight. However, it only took 4 meta-humans, a special human (Batman) and Superman to defeat him, as opposed to gods, meta-humans, aliens and people of an army.

That being said, something needs to be said about the differences between the first fight for the overthrow of Steppenwolf and the second fight.

First fight

  • It looks like the mother chest unit is complete, so Steppenwolf could possibly have been a lot stronger at this point.
  • Steppenwolf's army of Parademons seemed much larger
  • There were other beings there who helped him that I can't find anything about.

Second fight (Justice League)

  • Steppenwolf's army of Parademons seemed much smaller
  • I am not entirely sure whether the unit was completed and therefore could have made Steppenwolf without his full strength. But there is a scene (see below) where it looks like the transformation has started like the first invasion and in fact the unity is complete.

  • There were no other beings with him who could help in the fight. This time it appeared to be a minor invasion.

In view of all this, was Superman actually more powerful than the gods?

Or was it just that Steppenwolf wasn't as powerful as in the first fight against him?


Wow, there's a Justice League movie with Superman? I had completely forgotten that!


@Loki, LOL, yeah, surprised me too !!

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One thought I have is that in the video 'Story' Zeus' (who leads the gods) (probably his strongest attack?) Is not enough to knock Steppewollf off his feet (he stumbles a little) but Aquaman can beat quilt. backwards and Superman hits the step. through the ground. If you've seen Zeus' lightning bolt as his strongest attack, then Superman seems to have more "thrust" - however, I'm not sure it's enough for a full answer.


Given the limited knowledge of the Greek pantheon within the DCEU, I do not think it is possible to answer this question. In Diana's story, we see Zeus fighting, but he helps in the general effort against Steppenwolf's army, while Superman focused solely on Steppenwolf.

Kyle Jones

Too much of a rock, paper, and scissors situation to have a solid answer. All have their weaknesses - the loser is the one whose weakness is first exploited.

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In the Silver Age (June 1967), Superman was found to be less powerful than the combined power of the Olympian gods. We know this because the Greco-Roman gods (who looked to the future and mistakenly concluded that Superman was a rival god greatly revered by mortal people in the 20th century) the being Zha-Vam (named after the forces of Zeus) created Hercules, Achilles, Vulcan, Apollo and Mercury) to challenge Superman.

Zha-Vam was able to activate the powers of other gods by using the letters on his belt. Superman was unable to achieve the Olympic champion's power until he convinced another faction of the ancient gods to grant him similar equipment.

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While I find this interesting, I think the question was looking for answers that pertain only to the DCEU version of Superman? Maybe @KyloRen can clarify?


Am I the only one upset about the obvious blending of the Roman and Greek versions of the names? Or the fact that Achilles wasn't a god? No? Just me?