How do I change my default login information

How can I change the default credentials used to connect to Visual Studio Online (TFSPreview) when Visual Studio loads?

When I load Visual Studio 2012 it tries to connect to the previous TFS server it was connected to.

One of my computers (which also occasionally connects to TFS2008 and TFS2010 servers) always seems to have the completely wrong account used to connect to Visual Studio Online (tfspreview) by default. If I would try to get the latest version it will give me an error of the form:

Microsoft Visual Studio

Version Control Explorer

TF204017: The operation cannot be completed because the user (account service ([my tfs server]) does not have one or more required permissions (use) to the workspace [my workspace]; [my live id].


How can I influence Visual Studio 2012 to use the correct credentials by default and not a seemingly fictitious account service?


I had a very similar problem as I couldn't connect to TFS using my own credentials. It turned out that the user who created the image (I was using Hyper-V) saved their account in the Credential Manager. There was no way to change this in Visual Studio. To the problem too remedy , I have the Credential Manager Open it in Control Panel and edit the general credentials to be my own account. I closed and opened Visual Studio 2012 and reconnected to TFS. It asked for my credentials but was linked to my account from then on.

I hope this helps, civilian

You need to have TFS credentials Windows Vault Remove to clear and force new TFS credentials in Visual Studio

  1. Go to Control panel ( Start -> Control Panel ).

  2. click on User accounts (or User Accounts and Family Safety-> User Accounts in Windows 7).

  3. click on Credential Manager (or Manage your credentials ).

  4. On the Credential Manager page, you will see the two types of credentials

5. Click the link to the Change of two credentials and click the link From the safe Remove to remove saved TFS credentials.

Now when you log in to Visual Studio, you will be prompted for credentials to connect to TFS.

Note : Do not forget the option My credentials Save to force the user to ask for credentials for each TFS connection.

I tried opening my Credentials Manager but couldn't find any credentials there that are in any way related to my TFS account.

What I did instead is log out of my Hotmail account in Internet Explorer and then delete all of my Internet Explorer cookies and saved password as described in this blog: Change TFS Credentials in Visual Studio 2012

After clearing the cookies and password, restart Internet Explorer and sign in to your Hotmail (or Windows Live account) again.

Then start Visual Studio and try to connect to TFS again. You should now be prompted for a credential.

Note: One reader said that you don't need to delete all IE cookies , rather only these 3 cookies but I haven't tested this.

I ran into the same problem. Someone had logged into my computer using their TFS credentials. I'm using VS2012, Windows 7 and the network administrators have disabled the credential manager.

Run this command in a command window with the same user that you run Visual Studio with.

You will see a popup with all of your saved credentials. Remove the ones for your TFS server.

Note: You need to restart Visual Studio as the tfs credentials will be cached.

You can also try resetting the visual studio settings

  1. Open the Visual Studio command prompt

  2. Enter command

It removes already saved TFS accounts and asks for credentials

For Windows 8:

Control Panel -> Credentials Manager (Find What) -> Check Web Credentials

that worked for me ...

After the credential cleanup failed in manager and the VS cache cleared, you should Visual studio Repair through the Visual Studio installer (VS2017). Personally, I couldn't find any other solution.

I found another solution:

  1. Start a TEAM session
  2. Go to SOURCE CONTROL and select WORKSPACE (highlight in red).
  3. then add new workspace ... why?
  4. because you don't work in the same workspace change your account to TFS (I don't know why)
  5. and ready to reassign your project.

It is 100% guaranteed to work.

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