How to make a space 2

How can I insert a non-breaking space in Word?

Typography knows different types of spaces. The most important are the single space, the non-breaking space, and the narrow space. This article shows you how to create a fixed spacing in Microsoft Word and when it is required.

The non-breaking space

The purpose of the non-breaking space is to prevent a line break in certain places. Among other things, it should include:

  • Abbreviations (e.g., among others)
  • Names and titles (Dr. Chris Wolf)
  • Units (13 cm)
  • Legal information (§ 25, §§ 13-25)
  • Money information ($ 16, EUR 24.95)
  • typographically structured numbers (25,000 euros)
  • before ellipses (point, point, point ...)
  • occasionally also with phrases, trademarks, etc. (Mac OS)
  • before dashes (before dashes - if possible - there is a protected space.)

It also acts as a fixed spacing - so it ensures that abbreviations and the like in justified not torn too far apart.

This is z.
b. an ugly line break.

That's the way it is
z. B. already better.

You create the non-breaking space in Microsoft Word by using CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR press, in Mac OS you usually create it system-wide with ALT + SPACEBAR. You can generate it across programs in Windows by choosing ALT + 0160 Press (on the numeric keypad).

To see where such a space was inserted in Word, click on ¶ and display invisible control characters. The protected space is now always displayed with º (e.g., º).


characterCross-program generationGeneration of Word
non-breaking spaceALT + 0160 (numeric keypad)CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR (Windows)
narrow non-breaking space –create your own keyboard shortcut (2009)

Pro tip: Narrow non-breaking space

In abbreviations such as “z. B. "or to structure numbers like" 100 000 "the single non-breaking space is sometimes too wide. That is why there is still the narrow protected space. Unfortunately, not all fonts support it yet; with a little trick you can still make it available in Word for Windows.

To do this, go to Insert - Symbol. Now select “Palatino Linotype” for “Font”, for “From” click on “Unicode (hex)” and for character code enter “2009” or scroll down to character 2009. You can now use this narrow protected space assign a key combination. I recommend CTRL + ALT + SPACE.

Now you can also insert a small non-breaking space in your text.