Why did you leave Vancouver

Vancouver - highlights for one of the coolest cities in the world!

Vancouver - what a Mad city! It is not for nothing that the metropolis on Canada's west coast has been named one of the most livable cities in the world several times. Located on the water, urban, modern and so beautiful that you could even consider staying there for a longer period of time.

Vancouver wrapped me around my finger in no time and I would have liked to have stayed longer than the 2 days we had in this great city. Our big Canadian adventure started in Vancouver and even if we could hardly wait to set off into the wilderness of Canada, Vancouver immediately cast a spell over me! Do you know this feeling when you arrive in a new city for the first time and know straight away

I will like it here!

This is exactly what happened to me with this wonderful city, which is located in the middle of a panorama Water, mountains and Skyscrapers is located. I am going to present my highlights to you today on the Sunny Side and continue to dream of this wonderful metropolis on the Canadian coast!

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We start the first day in Vancouver early thanks to jetlag. Even if we had held out for a relatively long time the day before, despite arriving in the early afternoon, we were wide awake again shortly after five.

In fact, the jetlag in Canada didn't bother us at all and we even kept getting up early, because the attractions weren't that crowded early in the morning and in the evening it got dark quite early anyway. As an early riser, we had the most of the day.

After getting up comfortably and getting ready, we started off in the direction Gastown. The former working-class district is now a very popular area for Vancouverans. Hip boutiques, cool bars and restaurants, which you can also explore on a guided culinary tour *.

Lively during the day, trendy nightlife district - not only the city's hipsters feel at home here. The oldest part of Vancouver is worth seeing and not only because of the famous tourist magnet - the Steam clock on Water Street - recommended. You get the feeling that in Gastown, despite the trendy district, you can mingle well with the residents and get an impression of why the city is so liveable.

Guided city tour very worthwhile

I have already taken part in a "Free Walking Tour" in unknown cities several times. The idea behind such tours: The city tour itself is free, but at the end each participant can leave a tip for the tour guide.

In Vancouver I decided to go on the Tour Guys' Free Walking Tour. Depending on the day, different tours are offered during the week, although on a Monday I do the one and a half hour Downtown & Waterfront Tour participated.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we explored the financial district, downtown and the waterfront on the tour and had the opportunity to get to know the city in this way. With an hour and a half, the tour was just right in time to get some information, but not to be overwhelmed with data and facts.

The tour included:

  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Court District
  • Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Vancouver Convention Center
  • Vancouver Harbor

Seawall Water Walk

If you are in Vancouver, you will hardly be able to avoid falling in love with the great waterfront. It is beautifully laid out Seawall Water Walkwhere you don't really know where to look first: the water, where every minute Seaplanes take off and arrive that Mountain front on the other side of the fjord (West Vancouver) or the ultra-modern residential and commercial buildingsthat are lined up next to each other on the waterfront.

You don't even want to imagine how much the tenants have to pay for this magnificent view - you would much rather think of the pleasant hours on their balconies that they will surely spend there.

A stroll along the waterfront is definitely a must when in Vancouver. I could have stayed there for hours and watched the boat and air traffic.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park could almost be described as a district of Vancouver. With over 400 hectares, the green space in the north of the city definitely offers enough space for the residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You can easily explore the park on foot, by car or by bike.

If you want to find out more about the park, there are various tour operators available. For example, guided bike tours * through the park are also offered. But one thing applies to every means of transport: enjoy and envy the Vancouverans for this green oasis.

Vancouver Lookout

Well, the 177m high tower called "Harbor Center" on which the Vancouver Lookout is located is not exactly nice. The view from the viewing platform at a height of 130m is all the more impressive.

You shouldn't miss the 360 ​​° view over the city during your stay in Vancouver. When the weather is good, you will not only see the skyscrapers right in front of your eyes in Downtown Vancouver, but also those in West Vancouver on the opposite side of the fjord. Not to be forgotten is of course the view of the snow-capped mountains in the distance and the regularly arriving and departing seaplanes in the harbor.

  • price: approx. € 12 per person - here you can even buy the ticket in advance *!
  • tip: The ticket is valid for the whole day. It is therefore advisable to buy the tickets either online beforehand or on site in the morning and to go up for the first time in the morning and come back again in the evening at sunset.

Feasting through the city

Vancouver is really a culinary highlight! Why? Because there is SO much on offer! You can find the next cool place almost around every corner and you could probably spend the whole day moving from one to the next.

We recommend the sweet café "Artigiano", which is also ideal for breakfast, for example. For the evening I recommend the “Cardero’s” restaurant on the waterfront, with a view of the fjord and live music.

By the way, you also have a beautiful view of the water from the restaurants of the famous Pan Pacific Hotel. The hotel and restaurant bars are also open to guests who do not live in the hotel and even if the hotel is one of the most expensive in town, the prices in the restaurants are quite reasonable.

Grouse Mountain - Out of the city and into nature

The great thing about Vancouver is not only the urbanity of the city, but that you can leave the metropolis relatively quickly for nature.

There are two popular excursion destinations north of Vancouver: the city mountain “Grouse Mountain” and the “Capilano Suspension Bridge”. You can reach both with a free shuttle bus, which leaves regularly (approx. Every 15-20 minutes) in front of the Convention Center and if you have enough time, you can even explore both destinations together in one day *.

The over 1200m high "Grouse Mountain" is worthwhile both in winter for skiing and in summer for hiking or walking. In the summer months, visitors are also offered a lot of programs here. For example, two grizzly bears live on the mountain, who were taken in as orphans and raised there. There is also a zipline up there, where you can “fly” through the forests that surround the mountain.

You can read the current program on the mountain tourism website. But a trip is not only worthwhile because of the program. The highlight is of course the great view over the city and the mountains. For just $ 44 you definitely get a lot up there and once again I had to think about how cool it must be for the residents to have a mountain practically on their doorstep.

  • By the way: You can also watch the two grizzly bears Grinda and Coola on Grouse Mountain via a webcam.

Experience even more?

The recreational opportunities in Vancouver are really diverse and after my visit there I can understand why the residents feel so comfortable here. Whether you fly over the city in a seaplane or even take a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island, you will definitely not get bored here:

Places to stay in Vancouver

Vancouver offers you a wide range of accommodation options, from hostels to hotels to vacation rentals. Sometimes there are really great accommodations. I have listed some of them for you in the following: