How do I get the original invoice

I haven't received an invoice. What can I do?

We will send you your invoice by post or email as soon as the retailer sends your order. You can view the invoice at any time in the Klarna app or here.

If, contrary to expectations, you have not received your invoice by the payment deadline, we recommend the following:

  1. Check the spam folder (trash can) in your inbox. Sometimes an important email gets lost there.
  2. Search for the corresponding invoices here or in the Klarna app.
  3. Check whether you have placed your order with a different email address. Please note that the Klarna app only shows you orders that you have placed with the email address that you use when logging in.


When will I receive the monthly statement for the installment purchase?
You will automatically receive your monthly invoice for your installment purchase in the middle of each month and can also be seen here or in the app. If you have made a purchase in installments in the current month, we will add the corresponding amount to the next monthly statement. For example, if you order at the beginning of August, the amount will appear on the statement that we will send you in mid-September.


Can't find your invoice in the Klarna app?
Please note that in the Klarna app and here you will only see invoices for orders that you placed with the same email address that you used to log in. We therefore recommend that you always use the same email address for purchases with Klarna. So if you can't find a certain invoice, log into your Klarna app with the email address you used when shopping.

Good to know: We always send your invoices, including payment information, to the email address you specified when you placed your order.

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