What's in an egg?

The egg - one of the most valuable foods

High quality source of protein.

For many of us, eggs have become an integral part of our daily diet. Both as a "hidden" ingredient in certain foods (e.g. pasta, crêpes) and as a meal (e.g. omelette, flans), they are an important part of a wholesome diet. The egg is also very important in pâtisserie. Due to the high protein content (high biological value), eggs can be combined very well with other protein-rich foods. There are good alternatives for people who want to forego eggs in their diet. Soy flour, rice flour or half a ripe banana (cake baking) can partially replace the addition of eggs (binding property).

Valuable content.

The chicken egg is made up of: 74% water, 13% Protein, 11% fat as well as 1% each carbohydrates and Minerals. An egg of 60 grams has the energy value of 96 kcal (402 kJ). It contains all the essential amino acids and all vitamins except vitamin C.. It is a good source of iron, vitamins A, B2, B12 and D, and folic acid.

The egg yolk is particularly valuable or rich and has a high protein content (higher than the egg white). Fat, cholesterol and vitamin A are only present in the yolk.

Further information can be found at: www.sge-ssn.ch.

Good to know

  1. Eggshell color ... is related to the breed of the chicken and not to the way of keeping or feeding.
  2. Yolk color ... is influenced by the choice of feed.
  3. Green border around the yolk ... is caused by too high a temperature or too long cooking.
  4. storage ... 18-20 days after the laying date without refrigeration, after which eggs must be stored in a cool place.

Tips for everything to do with eggs

  • Use room temperature eggs when cooking. If the eggs are cool and come straight from the refrigerator, the shells will burst more quickly.
  • Use 7-14 day old eggs. They are easier to peel than freshly laid eggs and damage is less common.
  • If an egg has already burst, simply add a dash of vinegar or oil to the saucepan. Then the egg does not run out completely.
  • Eggs are hard-boiled in about 9 minutes. If the eggs are cold, the cooking time will be extended by approx. 3 minutes.
  • Make sure the shell is as smooth as possible if you want to color the eggs. This means that fewer cracks occur.
  • Without quenching after cooking, the eggs can be kept for 1 month without any problems. This only applies to colored eggs (with food coloring). The paint seals porous areas of the eggshell. Cooked but uncolored eggs do not have a long shelf life.
  • Damaged eggs should be consumed as quickly as possible.

The freshness test

  • Shake test. If you don't hear anything when you shake an egg, it is fresh. However, if you hear a slight sloshing, the egg is older.
  • Impact test. If the yolk is surrounded by a solid ring of protein, which is held together and arched up, the egg is fresh. If the yolk is flat and the egg white runs apart in a watery manner, the egg is a bit older.
  • Salt water test. The older the egg, the higher it swims (solution 1 l water / 100 g salt).

The symbol of Easter

Colorful eggs for Easter. Why actually?
During Lent (Ash Wednesday to Good Friday) in the Middle Ages, eggs were not allowed to be eaten in addition to meat, sausage and many other foods. The eggs from the last week of fasting were therefore collected and stored. Since there was no refrigerator in the Middle Ages, the eggs were boiled to keep them longer. In order to distinguish the old eggs from the fresh ones, the boiled eggs were colored. The joy of a delicious egg after Lent was of course all the greater. The traditional egg dyeing has remained to this day and especially makes children's eyes shine when they go on the big egg hunt at Easter.

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