What is a head coach

Head coach at the football club

Head coach and his duties in football

With a club as well as with a national selection (national team) there is not just one coach, but a group of coaches who take care of training and looking after the team. One of them has to be the boss and that is the head coach, often just called coach.

What are the duties of the head coach?

But the coach is also the assistant coach (or coaching assistant) or the goalkeeping coach, which is why the term Head coach could certainly prevail. This describes the trainer who has the responsibility for the training of the players. He agrees with the various colleagues and assigns the tasks accordingly, so that the assistant trainer can also conduct a training session with the team while the boss has a media appointment or is curing an illness.

If the team is unsuccessful, then you will hardly blame the goalkeeping coach, and the assistant coach hardly receives any criticism, whereas the head coach is the focus of criticism. It is he who sets up the team and it is he who is to blame if the mood in the team is not good or if the team has been put together incorrectly. However, a sports director may also be guilty of complicity - if any.

This means that the head coach is celebrated for success, but has to turn his head if he fails because he is responsible. Supporting the other coaches is in word and deed, they coordinate and discuss tactical changes or the situation of individual players who are or were sick or injured. What ultimately needs to be done is determined by the head coach, although it is usually the case that he gets along very well with the other coaches and chooses them himself.

But that doesn't help him if he doesn't achieve sporting success. Coaches who work as head coaches and who have celebrated successes with well-known teams or in major leagues are about as popular on the transfer market as good players.