Who invented the magnetic eyelashes?

Fayke .: Magnetic eyelashes are set to conquer the cosmetics market

The beauty products market is huge. A new startup from Germany now also wants to become part of this market. Your goal: to ensure that your customers look unforgettable. Her special artificial eyelashes should help. These are magnetic and stick to the startup's special eyeliner. The eyeliner contains iron particles and so the two products in combination create a magnetic duo.

Startup as a family business

The magnetic eyelashes are the product of the dewy German startup Fayke. Behind Fayke. is a real family business. The three founders are Alper Icel, his sister Arena Amara and her husband Yassar Amara. Icel: “My sister decides on the product, her husband and I are responsible for the rest.” Alper Icel had the idea of ​​founding a startup during his semester abroad while studying industrial engineering in California I would like to study independently in order to realize myself. ”When it was founded in 2020, the start-up Fayke was born.

Problem: artificial eyelashes

With their product, the founders want to fill a gap in the market that founder Arena has often experienced. In the past, in order to compensate for her naturally rather short eyelashes, she would have either had permanent eyelashes attached or tried to glue on artificial eyelashes herself. According to the founder, permanent eyelashes often fall out and are harmful to their own eyelashes and most of them lack the skills to be able to attach artificial eyelashes to oneself.

Small magnets provide a hold

According to their own statements, the trio spent three months working on the mixture of their iron-containing eyeliner. Now it should make it possible to attach the artificial magnetic eyelashes in under two minutes. Small magnets that react to the ferrous eyeliner are attached to the eyelashes. According to the startup, these should ensure that the artificial eyelashes last all day and are waterproof. At the end of the day, they can be removed from the natural eyelashes with a make-up remover.

Eyelashes for every occasion

The startup currently has four different types of eyelashes on offer and thus one variant in stock for different situations - from everyday life to evening events. The complete set is available in the online shop for 129 euros. According to their own statements, the founders seem to have hit a current nerve. For the near future they are planning to conquer the German-speaking market with their product.