Can I use Fiverr with unverified PayPal?

Simplify your
Self-employment with PayPal.

With PayPal, freelancers gain even more independence. Because
Payments can be made very conveniently by email invoice or PayPal.
Unwind link. This also simplifies your accounting.

  • Send your personalized PayPal.Me link worldwide
  • Use our templates to create email invoices
  • You can rely on the highest level of security for your transactions
Open a business account

Receive money quickly as a freelancer.

Receive money easily and securely

Set up an account and receive payments with just a few details.

Faster access to your money

Receive up to 2,500 euros in your account. Even unlimited after account verification.

Request money - even without PayPal

Simply request money via a link - even from clients without PayPal.

Worldwide trust in your company

Increase trust, customers in over 200 countries use and trust PayPal.

Direct payments from your customers.

Link payments

Easy to use: Simply send a personalized PayPal.Me link and receive your money in seconds.

Personalized link: Personalize your PayPal.Me link by adding your company logo.

Custom-fit requests: With your PayPal.Me link you can request specific amounts for your work.

Learn more about PayPal.Me

Payments by email

Fast payment: With a payment button in the email, your customers can pay quickly and easily

Easy customization: Use our invoice templates for freelancers or adapt them to your company.

Free shipping: As a freelancer, you can create your invoice completely free of charge - fees only apply to incoming payments.

Learn more about online invoices

Get started right now as a freelancer.

You have not been working as a freelancer for a long time or are you currently planning your freelance work? Or do you just want to position your company more optimally? Our mini-guides will help you get started right away.

Clearly define the brand

Define exactly how you want to position your company, what goals you have and which customers you want to work with.

Define the brand

Calculate payment correctly

In order to set the appropriate fees, clearly define the time required for projects and how you want to be paid in advance.

Clarify payment

Increase Productivity

In order to work purposefully as a freelancer and to be able to concentrate on the essentials, a few simple steps are usually sufficient.

Increase Productivity

Find jobs easily on freelancer portals.

Because the leading freelancer platforms for placing orders with the self-employed accept payment processing with PayPal.

Coworking space: work flexibly and network in a relaxed manner.

Find your new office or simply the right place to work, to advance your business independently and to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Our solutions for business customers

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