What makes someone pessimistic or optimistic?

Optimism & pessimism

Hi guys,

Today I would like to explain the difference between optimism and pessimism using a few examples. Let's go!

Let's start, what are optimism and pessimism?

Optimism is actually a kind of character. That is, an optimist (someone who is optimistic) sees many things from the positive, i.e. the good side. He sees someone or something from a different angle than the pessimist. Because the pessimist looks at a lot from the "bad side". The life of a pessimist is therefore devoid of positive expectations or hopes. To make this easier to understand, here is an example:

Two examples

We have a mountain. There is a person on this mountain. I'll call her X now. X has already climbed half of the mountain. If X were an optimist now, he / she would look down and think, "Wow, I've already done so much!" But if X were a pessimist now, he / she would look up and think: "Wow, I still have that much ahead of me!" I hope this example makes it a little clearer for you.

It can also be explained with another example that is often used.

If we had a glass half full of water, the person, I'll call them X again if X were an optimist, would think, "The glass is half full." Because the optimist assumes that it is good, he thinks it is half full and the pessimist would think: "The glass is half empty." So you see how you can look at things from two different angles. But if X were the pessimist now, he would say yes, half are only there. This example is a little harder to explain, but I hope you understand what I mean anyway.

You can find out for yourself what you are. Optimist or pessimist? Just imagine one of my examples and think about what you would say or think in this situation. N / A? What are you?

I hope you enjoyed the article and I was able to explain something new to you.

Your Cleopatra