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1) Ask Deutsche Autoversicherungen for proof of insurance that certifies that you have been driving accident-free for X years. Most insurance companies only issue something like this if the car was registered with you.
Ours didn't issue something like that, but ... we exchanged our German driver's license for the Canadian one. To do this, you have to do an eye test in Canada at a driving license issuing center of your choice, hand in your German driving license and receive the Canadian one. Duration: 30 min. The benefit of all the years since you got your license are recorded as accident-free years on the Canadian driver's license, which reduced the sum insured! It is worth paying the $ 80 for the new ticket. Without a Canadian driver's license, insurance in Quebec or Nova Scotia costs over $ 2500, down from $ 500-750.
2) In Nova Scotia a TÜV / MVI must be done in every workshop. Just make an appointment. In other provinces, registration with the authorities is often sufficient.
3) The insurance covers Canada as long as you do not live in another province for more than 3 months. No registration is required for up to 6 months when traveling.
4) You need to register the car with the provincial authority. For this you need money, your driver's license and theTransfer of ownership Take your ticket with you.
5) You need new license plates, but you will be given them when you register.


Nova Scotia
Driving license is valid for 5 years. Initial application $ 80.15
Sum insured: $ 700 * with TD
Registration / re-registration $ 176.90 (depending on weight)
MVI inspection $ 25.48

Driving license is valid for 1 year. Initial application $ 80; Renewal: Costs $ 60
Sum insured: $ 550 * (we recommend Desjardins)
Registration / change of registration 180 $ (depending on the car)
MOT inspection $ 65

British Columbia
Driving license is valid for 2 years. Initial application $ 31; Renewal: Cost $ 31 or
Driving license is valid for 5 years. Initial application $ 75; Renewal: Costs $ 75
Sum insured: min. $ 816.23 *
In BC there is only one car insurance provider ICBC, just drop by the office and have the amount calculated.

* All prices are calculated for a Mazda5 2008 and 10 years of accident-free driving experience.

P. S. Converting the van saves a lot of money. Our construction. Buy plywood. To be blessed at the next hardware store. And let's go.

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