What are some dental clinics to follow

Consequences of fear of dentists

often lead to incomplete and completely desolate teeth.

Years of abstinence from treatment, which is the result of a strong fear of dental treatment, can lead to incomplete and completely desolate teeth.

This is often associated with a lack of self-esteem and a reduction in the quality of life. Laughing out of shame is often only behind the scenes.

But physical health is also affected. Interrelationships between the oral cavity and the whole organism have been scientifically proven several times.

General physical health can also suffer

An untreated inflammation of the gums (periodontitis) can increase the risk of heart disease by a factor of two. The risk of stroke also increases. Pregnant women with untreated periodontitis have a 7-fold increased risk of miscarriage.

"Dead" teeth can be the cause of headaches, allergies, muscle problems, poor concentration or chronic fatigue. The dead tooth is often not noticed because it usually remains painless.

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