What is the best golf training aid

The best exercise equipment for at home

Golf is an outdoor sport and can therefore unfortunately not always be practiced. In winter or after severe normal cases, the course is partially closed and even if the weather is good, there are conditions such as corona and quarantine, which is why it is not possible to go to the golf course. We'll show you a few helpers you can use to train at home.

Sometimes it's bewitched. Now that spring is in the starting blocks and the sun is shining all day, it is not possible for us golfers to finally go back to the golf course after a long winter break. The reason for this is the spread of the coronavirus. The federal government closed all sports facilities nationwide at the beginning of last week. For this reason, the golf courses and ranges are also closed throughout Germany. How long this situation will last is still uncertain. So that the first rounds after the suspension of the course is also fun from a playful point of view, we will show you training equipment with which you can practice your golf game.

Golf despite Corona and quarantine

Training equipment for small apartments and houses:

1.) Putt mat:

This is certainly the training device that most golfers already have at home. A putting mat can be accommodated in any type of apartment, whether small or large. In addition to the training effect, which is not insignificant, it is also really fun to play small putt matches against each other. Putt mats are available in different sizes or lengths and at different prices. The price ranges from 25 to 350 euros.

2.) Putting Pegz:

This training device can be used in addition to a putting mat. It consists of two pegs with one or two ribbons stretched between them. This allows the golfer to train and improve his putting movement. This little helper can, for example, be purchased from the IZZO Golf brand for as little as 10 euros.

3.) Golf Tempo Tray Putting:

These exercise accessories can also be used in addition to a putting mat. Attach the attachment to the shaft of the putter and place a golf ball in the recess at the end of the attachment. If the putt movement is carried out at a steady pace, the ball will come to rest. If the ball falls out of the hollow, the movement was uneven.
With this little helper, a putting movement from the shoulders should be trained. Movement from the wrists is no longer possible, as the ball would definitely fall out of the hollow. The training device also improves length control when putting. The speed of the back swing should be just as fast as that of the back swing. The ball increases in length as the player stretches back further. This training utensil is already available for less than 4 euros from the Mikado brand, for example.

Closing the golf courses: what happens to the pros?

Training equipment for larger apartments and houses:

1.) Swing trainer:

This exercise device helps to train the most important muscles for golf. The normal golf swing is simulated with the approx. 50 cm long training bar. When swinging, a noise is created that gives direct feedback on the swing. This tool is available, for example, for just under 70 euros from the Best Service Company.

2.) Swing Fan:

You can also train the golf-specific muscles with this training device. It is a shaft with a normal golf grip, but not with a club head attached at the bottom, as is usually the case. Instead, four plastic plates are mounted there that point in different directions. This leads to strong air resistance when swinging, which helps build golf-specific muscles. Since full swings are performed with this aid, the ceiling height should be correspondingly high. You can get this training device for just under 30 euros from Mikado, for example.

3.) Golf Game Simulator:

These, but quite expensive, training accessories simulate a round of golf on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV. Attach the sensor to the swing stick. You can use it to play in an apartment. Alternatively, the sensor can also be attached to a real golf club, so that the game can then also be used outside. The determined data is transmitted to a free app on your smartphone. An avatar simulates the executed golf movement. Various types of play, including stroke play, driving range training or nearest-to-the-pin, are available. This device can be purchased from the Phigolf brand for 250 euros.

Training equipment for apartments and houses with a garden:

1.) Training network:

This training device is probably what all golfers want in the days of corona and quarantine. A training net that the players can slam golf balls into. You can't see how the ball would have flown, but the mere fact of practicing a few golf swings is wonderful. This training utensil is available in different sizes and designs from different manufacturers. The price range is very large. It ranges from 35 to 360 euros.

2.) Chipping net:

This training accessory is also suitable for smaller gardens if only short chips are performed. With a chipping net it is possible to train short as well as long high and flat chips. These training accessories are also available in different designs and sizes from different manufacturers. The price ranges from less than 10 euros to 150 euros.
With soft and light indoor balls, this tool can also be used inside a house. However, if it is possible to hit a real golf ball, most golfers prefer this.

3.) Impact Bag:

Perhaps some of you already know this training tool from training lessons on your home ground. This training tool is intended to train the correct posture of the clubface at the moment of impact. However, the bag must be filled before use. Both old towels and dry sand are suitable for this. This training device can, for example, be purchased from the Mikado company for just under 15 euros.