Why do Indians order drinks without ice

Do you always order cola, soda and cocktails with ice? Then you shouldn't do that in the future. The reasons for this are obvious.

When visiting a restaurant or bar, it is common for the drinks you order to be served with ice. Have you ever felt strange the morning after? Then it wasn't always the alcohol.

If you order ice in your drinks, you can get a whole bunch of them order unpleasant side effects. Faecal bacteria are just one example.

Fecal germs may be found in the ice cubes

Nobody really wants to think of feces when it comes to food. Unfortunately, you can't avoid it with ice cubes. A 2017 study looked at various coffee chains, including Starbucks. The researchers discovered coliform bacteria in some samples - and that in each of the tested chains. Another study by the BBC in 2017 produced similar results for the Ice cubes from KFC, McDonald's and Burger King to the light.

To the coliform bacteria include E. coli, salmonella, ehec and some other types of bacteria. These bacteria are considered indicators of faecal contamination and drinking contaminated water can have serious health consequences.

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Mold may grow in the ice machine

Do you also think that ice machines are so cold that germs and fungi cannot grow there? These wrong assumption can have serious consequences to have. Because the machines that are used to make ice cubes can definitely go moldy. According to the mashed.com portal, refrigeration technicians find it much more often black, pink, moldy slime in ice machinesthan can be dear to them and you.

The Mold directly on the ice cube dispenser. That means shortly before the ice cubes fall into your glass, they may slip past a mold. The machines must be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. But a bad feeling remains, because bad food, machinery, and sanitation routines are the number one cause of contaminated ice cubes.

Cold does not kill all microorganisms

Speaking of bacteria and mold, you might be interested to know that there are plenty of other potentially dangerous germs that the cold cannot harm. This includes, for example, the Norovirusand other gastrointestinal germs. Since ice cubes are mostly made from tap water, travelers in particular are warned against this. In various official leaflets, a Infection with the norovirus through contaminated water in the form of ice cubes warned. The virus can remain infectious for years, even under deep-freeze conditions, says the leaflet on noroviruses from the Offenbach District Hazard Defense and Health Center.

Chefs reveal: You shouldn't order these dishes!

Even fast food employees prefer to leave out ice cubes

The question was asked on the Reddit portal:

"Reddit fast food staff, what shouldn't we order in your restaurant? Why not?"

Underneath, there were references to the ice cubes quite quickly: "I've worked in four restaurants in my life and lemons and ice cubes are by far the most disgusting things you can get." Another explains that the ice machines are rarely cleaned and that the staff work on them with dirty hands and so easily transfer germs and bacteria to the ice cubes. An uncomfortable idea ...

As you can see, there are a few reasons to prefer to enjoy drinks without ice cubes in the future.

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