Where do I get Devops sample projects from

What is DevOps? Everything about DevOps phases and models

DevOps is an evolving philosophy with an associated framework for faster and better application development and faster release of new or revised software functions or products.

DevOps promotes smooth, continuous communication, collaboration, integration as well as visibility and transparency between application development teams (the Development - Dev) and the associated IT operations teams (Operations - Ops).

This closer working relationship between “Dev” and “Ops” permeates every phase of the DevOps lifecycle from initial software planning through coding, development, testing and approval to deployment, operations and ongoing monitoring. Feedback from customers is continuously incorporated into processes for optimization, development, review and implementation. One result of these efforts can be the faster, continuous provision of the necessary functional changes or additions.

The DevOps goals can be divided into four categories: Culture, Automation, Measurement and Transfer (Culture, Automation, Measurement, Sharing - CAMS). DevOps tools can be used sensibly in all of these areas. The tools promote efficiency and collaboration in software development and operations; Time-consuming manual or static tasks related to integration, development, testing, implementation and monitoring can be automated.