How was your experience with Sennheiser

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co.

Honesty is lacking

Executive / ManagementAt the time of the assessment, worked in the area of ​​personnel / training and further education at Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG in Wedemark.

I think it's good about the employer

Good pay, relaxed working atmosphere. From the point of view of the general conditions, everything is right here, things meanwhile fail on the human level.

I think it's bad about the employer

That the consistency is missing. Always new structures, mega-projects, talk about change (although nothing changes in the end), "cultural revolution" on PowerPoint ... all the mendacity and self-deception. Plus: 80% of the managers at the department head level have to be replaced - that's really bad

Suggestions for improvement

The management lives in a bubble. There they can be regularly informed by paid consultants and a handpicked clique of "executives" what the dregs of the workforce / customers looks like and smells like. It has nothing to do with reality. Going out yourself and asking around (even if you don't like it) should be possible in such a small company. And take a closer look at the moral suitability of promotions!

Working atmosphere

Actually there should only be one star if it weren't for the great colleagues. The company as a whole is morally and economically at its end


It used to be great. In the meantime: Me-Too products (with a surcharge for German engineering, although the stuff is developed and produced in China)

Work-life balance

Company kindergarten (!), Flexible working hours, good home office rules (even before Corona). Actually a role model for other companies in terms of flexibility and the freedom to combine family and work

Career / further education

As I said: a career is only about hierarchy and for that you have to enter a moral area that is then not worth it.

Salary / social benefits


Environmental / social awareness

Disposable products (strategic decision). How does that fit in today?

Cohesion among colleagues

In the past it would have been 5 *, today it would have been less. Great people, some of them really good managers, but if you look at how the staff carousel has been shot in recent years, you shouldn't expect too much good for the future

Dealing with older colleagues

5 *! Unless they become too expensive due to a pension scheme from the 80s, then you tell them it is your own fault (!)

Managerial behavior

Very different from case to case, of course. You can be really lucky and join a good team (but the numbers are getting fewer and fewer). Or you end up in the "wrong" departments and are assigned executives who can do three things: (1) sell the team's work as their own (and shamelessly do so), (2) lie to their employees and make hidden threats intimidate and (3) rather cultivate their networks in the management instead of bothering about real management tasks.

working conditions

Quite well, depending on where you sit. There are very old parts of the building that are falling apart, but the new wing (with air conditioning) is really nice


The efforts on the part of the management are certainly there, unfortunately there is a lack of honesty and professionalism. In 2020, for example, all employees on a probationary period (or with a fixed-term contract) were notified by video message that they had been dismissed. In front of the assembled workforce, i.e. with over 2000 spectators worldwide. Where does something like that happen?

Interesting tasks

There would certainly be plenty of them. Theoretically. In reality, it is primarily a matter of submitting justification invoices, which the management then recalculates in detail. But innovation does not tend to arise