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Soul mate: What makes soul love unique

Do you know that? You meet someone for the very first time. And yet he is strangely familiar to you. You immediately start a conversation. The closeness between you seems to be created by itself. If this happens to you, then in all likelihood you are soul mates. This article tells you how to recognize your soul mate.

Many women hope to find their Soul mate to find. If you're reading this article, you probably belong too. Maybe you feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing from your soul. You feel incomplete in a way. To experience a soul partnership is a deeply rooted longing. Behind this is the desire to finally become complete.

However, you can Soul partnership do not confuse it with a dual soul love. Both phenomena are not new. Rather, it is very old knowledge.

The Greek philosopher Plato (427 - 347 BC) already spoke of the fact that there were two separate souls who longed to merge. Stories about Soul partner and dual souls can be found in all cultures on earth.

Difference: dual soul love & partnership with the soul partner

You may be wondering if you can get your Dual soul partner or yours Soul mate met. What's the difference? In short: a dual soul is a soul essence in two bodies.

During reincarnation, i.e. when they are born again, very old, mature souls divide. Both parts strive to be reunited for a lifetime.

The parts of the soul are often opposing. For example, it may be that you are a loving heart person. And your Dual soul partner a cerebral logician. Sometimes you almost despair of this relationship. But you can't let go of this person either. You cannot with each other, but you cannot without each other either.

Although there is a deep love between you are turbulent on-off relationships often. In order for the reunification of the soul to succeed, both of you must have successfully completed your developmental tasks.

At a Soul mate is that different. In a sense, you meet your twin soul. You go immediately a healthy one, trusting relationship with each other. Your togetherness is harmonious, warm and calm.

However, you need a certain degree of personal maturity to find your soul mate. I'll explain exactly what that means and what you can do about it in a moment. Let us first take a detailed look at what soul partnership actually means.

Soul mate, what is that exactly?

The encounter with your soul mate seems like to you from the beginning fate. You feel like one in it Reflection of your self to see. Maybe your meeting feels like love at first sight to you.

Your souls, your bodies, but also your spirit seem like one. You experience limitless harmony. Consonance. The intense love you feel for him can hardly be put into words.

The Soulmates comes with deep feelings of love and spirituality. It almost seems as if some divine power has its finger in the game. There even seems to be a spiritual connection between you. Your communication affects outsiders like telepathy.

There are two different definitions about what constitutes soul kinship and what a soul mate is:

  1. According to the first view completed your soul mate you. The idea behind this is that you are missing part of your personality. If you meet the right person, you will finally feel complete, satisfied and happy.
  2. According to the second concept, kinship is the same as true love. As you work on yourself and your relationship, a feeling of soulmate arises.

View number one would mean that there is only one person in the world for you. Only this encounter makes you complete. The second concept assumes that you can meet several soul mates in your life.

Where is my soul mate?

You may be wondering how and where you can find that special someone. It will all happen by itself when the time is right. Even so, there is one thing you can do in the meantime: take every opportunity to develop, mature and grow!

Prepare yourself for this deep, intimate love. For a relationship with your soul mate, you need emotional maturity. The more open, relaxed and authentic you shape your life, the better.

Do you approach other people openly? Do you live your relationships lovingly, equally and openly?

Contact with other people in particular means that we develop. This is especially true for love relationships. You have new experiences in every partnership. This will teach you to give and receive love. But also, emotional intimacy to allow.

You discover your sexuality and live out your needs.

With every relationship you shape your partnership more consciously. You master challenges. And you grow from it. All of this prepares you for the deep relationship with your soul mate.

How do I find my soul mate?

As soul mates, you are destined to meet.

If you manage to overcome old injuries and pain and to remain open to life and love, that is like an invitation to him.

It can cross your path anywhere. You might see him in the bookstore, hardware store, or coffee shop. You may be in the same dating site. Many people find theirs Soul mate in a strange, unusual way in very ordinary places.

The man may be a complete stranger to you. Nevertheless, you feel an intense feeling of deep trust.

It feels like coming home. The attraction between you seems almost magical. Everything around you suddenly seems meaningless.

However, your encounter does not necessarily have to lead to a love relationship. Sometimes soul mates unite just a deep friendship.

Soul mates can be found with relatives of the other, but also of the same sex.

How do I know my soul mate?

You may be concerned about not recognizing your sweetheart. Or you fear that your paths have long since crossed without you having recognized each other. Do not worry, you will not miss yourselves!

You cannot escape the magic of the moment. A soul partnership cannot be grasped rationally. But your heart will recognize him immediately.

Maybe you know the famous quote from the story The little Prince from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

"One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes."

That hits it pretty well. Your heart and soul recognize yours Soul mate. Even if your mind cannot grasp or explain the intense bond between you.

You will likely notice a huge difference between your relationship with your soul mate and previous love affairs. Soul love is more intense. Unconditionally. Power games that make life difficult for many couples do not exist between you.

You conquer the heart of your soul mate as if by yourself. You have the feeling that you can entrust everything to him. Most of all you would like to shut the world out and hide with him.

Your Soul mate haven't met you yet? You may not be open to this special encounter yet. Try to let go of your negative feelings such as anger, fear, hate, sadness, and jealousy.

Make yourself aware that you yourself create these emotions in yourself. The better you manage to release your inner blockages, the more you can just be yourself.

Only then does your real personality surface. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. It is important that your energy flows harmoniously. The stronger you are with your spiritual power the easier it will be for you to find that special someone.

For him you don't have to be different from who you are.

Why does the male soul mate withdraw?

The Feelingsmale soul mate are complicated. It can happen that your friend withdraws emotionally right after your first meeting.

Maybe he cancels the next meeting. Or, after a few dates, you can suddenly no longer reach him. Then you probably don't understand the world anymore.

After all, your meeting has changed from the very first moment correct felt. Like magic. As if it should be the same.

The explanation for this is simple: yours Twin soul it is a man. He may find it difficult to deal with these intense feelings.

He has probably never experienced such a strong familiarity with another person as with you. This new phase of life probably scares him.

Give him time. Refrain from contacting him, just wait and see. He'll come back to you if one Soul love exists between you.

15 typical signs of a love of the soul

But how do you know whether there is actually more in common than love at first sight? We have the 15 main signs compiled for you.

  1. Deep trust

You recognize your soul mate during eye contact or in conversation within seconds. It feels to you like you already are this man have known for ages.

He seems familiar to you at heart. There is no small talk between you. You don't scratch the surface in conversations.

Right from the start, your communication is characterized by openness, familiarity and intimacy.

  1. Amazing parallels

There are surprising ones in your life Parallels. They concern your personality and your character. But your lifestyle and your biographical development can also have followed a similar path.

Sometimes even they are Soul mate zodiac sign identical or the birthdays are shortly after one another.

  1. Mutual understanding

The empathy having your soul mate is overwhelming. You feel and feel what is going on in him. To do this, he does not need to put his thoughts into words. You just know.

It happens that you finish his sentences or that you say exactly the same thing at the same time.

  1. Spatial distance does not matter for soul mates

Even if you are many kilometers or even continents apart, you feel like the other Half of your soul goes. Conversely, it is the same with you. The strong bond that connects you and your soul mate makes space and time meaningless to you.

If you meet again after a long separation, it seems as if you have never been apart.

  1. Sexuality, passion and intimacy

It is possible that physical love takes a back seat in the face of the spiritual, spiritual connection between you. Then take the intimate bond take up the largest space in your relationship.

Sexuality takes place. But it may play a subordinate role. Regardless of how often you actually sleep together.

  1. Freedom to develop

In a relationship with your soul mate, this is you Happiness of the other important. That means that you care about the well-being of your loved one. For him you come first. There is no envy, resentment or jealousy between you.

You wish him all the luck on earth and support him on his way with no ifs or buts. It would never cross your mind to stand in the way of his plans.

For his part, he does everything so that you can develop. He's behind you with the same conviction.

  1. Unconditional love

To love and to be loved is not tied to conditions in a soul partnership. That means you don't need to meet any expectations for your twin soul in order to be loved.

A love relationship with your soul mate is free, carefree, and genuine.

  1. No secrets

In your previous relationships, you probably kept things to yourself. Certain experiences may have been uncomfortable or even embarrassing for you. Or you may not have said what you really thought.

This is different with a partnership with a soul mate.

With him you want everything discuss. There's nothing you'd rather hide or gloss over. Accordingly, you show yourself exactly as you are. These openness is a gift that takes the tension off your shoulders.

With him, too, you know that guesswork is not necessary. He shows himself to you as a personality just as undisguised and genuine.

  1. Mutual exchange

You would like to share all your thoughts with your loved one. You want to let him participate and hear what he thinks. This coincides with the feelings of male soul mates: Everything is important.

You enjoy spending time together and exchanging ideas.

  1. Pleasant silence

Nevertheless, you can also be silent with one another. With most other people, you probably have a desire to somehow fill the silence. So you make small talk.

You don't feel like that with your sweetheart. The special bond between you can also be felt in silence. You enjoy the warm, familiar atmosphere. Even without words.

This intense feeling persists even when you are engaged in your own activities. He may be reading a book at home. Meanwhile, you're going on a shopping spree with your best friend.

Nevertheless, as a soul mate, you feel them Connection to each other.

  1. Proximity despite distance

Accordingly, a longer spatial separation between you is also not a problem. Your love persists even in a long distance relationship. You know deep down in your heart that you belong together. It's the same with him.

Sometimes soul mates live in different cities, countries or even on different continents for professional reasons.

You stay anyway intensely connected with each other.

  1. No jealousy

Jealousy has no place in your relationship. Even when there are long distances between you, feelings of insecurity or fear of loss do not arise.

Your Security in each other is limitless. Your heart is his and his is yours.

  1. No power games

Heated arguments, control addiction and competitive thinking have no place in your partnership. You are proud of each other and are genuinely happy when the other is successful.

Rule in your relationship harmony.

  1. Same values

Soul mates usually share the same values. Your Attitude to life and your view of the world is at least very similar.

You feel that you im Consonance vibrates when it comes to your ideas for the future, spirituality, your political attitudes and your dealings with people and animals.

This makes your contact easy, familiar and carefree from the start. The closeness between you continues to grow until the boundaries seem almost lifted.

  1. Constant development and change

There is no standstill in your life. You strive for your individual development. But you are also interested in each other's development.

Your relationship changes continuously with it. There is no danger that you might lose yourself.

Do soul mates separate again?

For the most part, they stay together. When you've found the second half of your soul, you probably never want to let go of it.

Who would ever voluntarily give up this unconditional love and the feeling of intense connectedness?

A Separation is unlikely.

If you still fall apart, it is due to a necessary development. Sometimes personal maturation is only possible on your own.

If there is a separation between you and your soul mate, it is also harmonious and calm. The love and connection between you are unbroken.

Hateful Wars of the Roses you have nothing to fear with him.

This explains why soul mates often get back together after a breakup. Is the personal development phase finished, they continue their journey together.

If you break up with your loved one or if they are thinking of breaking up with you, there is nothing to worry about. Trust that everything will work out.

You may need a little more inner maturity to share life with one another.

What if the soul mate dies?

When your soul mate dies, it probably feels like the second half of your soul is being torn away. It is exactly the same.

Very few couples die together.

When your soul mate leaves this world, his soul will be waiting for yours in the next life. You will find yourself - just like in this life - in the next.

That's exactly what one does Soul love out. In reality you are one.

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