How to sell equipment

Sell ​​used cell phones & Co.

A new acquisition is pending - a new smartphone, notebook or a new camera is needed and the old device should be removed? If you cannot find a buyer in your circle of friends, there are a few contact points on the net for this purpose. Regardless of whether you are an auction house like eBay or a reseller like reBuy - read here what you should pay attention to and how you can get the most out of it or get rid of the device as quickly as possible!

Resellers in comparison: the simple method

  1. fast processing
  2. lower expense
  3. many providers
  1. little proceeds from unpopular devices

Buying portals are a good choice when things need to be done quickly.

Resellers or purchasing portals are the right choice for those in a hurry. Because here you hardly have to do anything yourself. The numerous portals on the market include, among others, which mainly specialized in smartphones as

All these providers work on the same principle: You search for the device to be sold from the manufacturer's product database, fill in some information about the device status and accessories and then send the device in for testing - usually free of charge! Before that there is a binding payment proposal. If all the information is true and the provider has no further complaints, the money will be transferred to you. The providers then usually sell the devices in the form of refurbished products. With smartphones, you can save money when you buy such a refurbished product, as our guide on refurbishing shows.

We recommend checking a handful of providers in advance, because the sums of money offered can sometimes be very different. We were offered significantly more money for the same iPhone X with slight signs of use and a worn battery at in October 2020 than at - depending on the device, however, the result can also be the other way around.

Resellers are especially worthwhile for popular brands and manufacturers. For the sale of hardware that is several years old, the portals are rarely worthwhile, as the price drop is very strong.

Auctions on eBay & Co .: More effort, but also more potential

  1. high revenue potential
  2. very large audience
  1. greater effort for sellers
  2. Part of the proceeds go to the operator

On auction portals, there is potentially most of the money for used hardware.

When you think of online auctions, you think first eBay. The large auction portal is the king of the used trade. There are now hardly any alternatives. The portal had to close its doors in 2019, all that remains are special portals such as or smaller general auction sites like

eBay's size is a curse and a blessing at the same time: On the one hand, many potential buyers see your offered goods, on the other hand, you often have to assert yourself against a large number of other sellers. So if you want to sell your old appliances successfully, you have to have one convincing supply side Offer.

Selling quickly is also possible on eBay & Co .: Buy it now

If you have to go fast and the resellers don't offer enough, an attractive buy-it-now price is the quick way to get your money. Simply observe the price at which the device is sold over the counter in auctions and how much other sellers are asking for with immediate purchase. Even a slight undercutting by 5 to 10 percent quickly attracts buyers.

Tips for a successful listing page on eBay

Item Description


  • Describe the device as precisely as possible: Color, accessories, age (date of purchase), remaining guarantee - the more there is in the description, the more you save answering buyer inquiries
  • Pay attention to correct spelling and exact model names: Not only does it look better, it also increases the chances of being found via search queries.
  • Honesty wins: Point out defects and signs of wear and tear on the device. In this way, the seller profile remains trustworthy in the long term.
  • Use synonyms: Just ask yourself in advance "How could you search for my product?". For example, it is worthwhile to refer to a smartphone as a mobile phone in the text or to name the specific type of a camera such as "DSLR".
  • Avoid sensational formulations: Many buyers are attracted by exaggerated praise such as "Must Have!" or "super great" deterred.
  • I.The spice lies in brevity: Do not write too extensively and avoid unnecessary ranting. A long text is a deterrent - especially if the prospect looks at your offer page from their smartphone
  • Compatibility notices: With older technology, there are often limitations in the software. If you have a solution ready, such as a firmware that also works with Windows 10, then name it.


Item images


  • The focus should be on the product: Colored backgrounds distract from the product and appear less professional. Remove colored backgrounds with an image editing program or take a photo of your device against a white background. A white sheet and a bright lamp are often enough.
  • Detailed photos of the defects: It's worth taking a picture of scratches, dents and other signs of use. Because they are often less noticeable than a mention in the description text suggests
  • Lots of light: Only with good lighting do pictures appear really vivid and details can be better recognized

A must for data protection: data cleansing before selling

Before selling smartphones, PCs, notebooks and hard drives, you should absolutely remove all personal data from the device. This prevents any data misuse and makes it easier for the buyer to get started. Here you will find some information on the most common systems and device types:

Resetting Windows PCs and Notebooks

The option to reset a Windows notebook can be found under Windows 10 under Update and Security> Recovery. The menu item Reset this PC starts the process.

The device must also be decoupled from your Microsoft account. This is done by logging into your User account on There is a menu item for every registered device Further actionswhere you have the option Remove Find.

Official Microsoft help page for deleting Windows computers and Xbox consoles

Resetting Android smartphones and tablets

Android devices can have very different settings menus. As a rule, the option to reset can be found in the menu item Save and reset. From there you can use the device Reset to factory settings. It is also advisable to use the menu item before resetting Accounts delete the Google account from the device.

Resetting iPhones and Macs

In the system settings, see the section Generally the menu item Reset to default. There you should see the option "Erase all content & settings" since the data will only be completely deleted there and the device will then be suitable for resale.

In the case of Apple devices, it is also advisable to log out separately from the iTunes, iMessage and iCloud services. With iTunes, the respective device must be deauthorized via the account settings.

Official Apple help page for deleting Macs

Official Apple help page for deleting iPhones, iPads or iPod touch

Erase hard drives and USB sticks completely

Software tools enable the complete deletion of data (image source:

If you simply use the on-board tools of Windows or macOS, data will not be completely deleted. With special tools, your documents remain recoverable. To prevent this from happening, it's best to use tools like CCleaner to safely remove data. Even in the free version, the popular CCleaner can already perform a thorough cleaning of data carriers, with which you can even specify how often the data should be overwritten (see picture).

If you do not trust such tools, you can also format the hard drive multiple times using the operating system's on-board tools.

Author: Gregor Leichnitz

Date: 21.10.2020