What is a rueben toff

Sugar beet - decoy posts - Swiss agriculture

Label text "R├╝benmaus"
After the harvest, the sugar beets lie on the edge of the field under a fleece, ready to be transported away. Soon the turnip mouse appears. It is diurnal, yellow, voracious ... and it moves with the sound of an engine.


Like sugar beet harvested cooperatively and
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Characteristics. "Beet mouse" is the name of the machine for loading the sugar beets at the edge of the field. The beet vole is on the move from mid-September to mid-December. It has a 8.5 meter wide snout and a 11.5 meter long tail. It costs an impressive 550,000 francs and is procured and used jointly by the sugar beet growers in an area.

Commitment. The beet mouse loads the sugar beets - field by field - onto wagons that drive to the next loading station or directly to the sugar factory. 80 percent of the sugar beets are transported by rail to the factories in Aarberg or Frauenfeld.

Cleaning mouse. The beet mouse removes the soil that is still adhering to the beets during loading. In the past, around 200 kilograms of earth stuck to a ton of sugar beet; today it is around 50 kilograms. In the sugar factory, the earth is washed off, filtered off, dumped on a dump and then brought back to the farms.

Cooperation. In sugar beet cultivation, cooperation is a top priority, and not just when it comes to using the beet mouse. The 7,000 beet growers in Switzerland work closely together when it comes to advice, sowing, crop protection, harvesting and public relations.