Really save money with coupon websites

Spar app: The 3 best coupon and voucher apps in the test

Are you a real saver and collect newspapers to get coupons and vouchers? It's much easier and more environmentally friendly: with a savings app! We have tested various coupon and voucher apps and introduce you to the best savings apps for Android and iOS in our app comparison.

Saving money is not only good for your wallet, it also makes you happy. Why should you pay more for something when you can get it much cheaper with a savings app. Whether shopping, grocery shopping, cinema or wellness: with these three coupon and voucher apps you save money everywhere.

Groupon - The versatile one

The app Groupon offers everything that makes a saver heart happy. The filter settings can be used to browse for deals in the area, in other cities and even internationally. It offers Groupon Vouchers from various categories: from food and drink, leisure and events, cars to fashion, health and beauty, electronics and much more - this savings app is particularly impressive in its versatility. Once you have found a suitable deal, you can put it in the shopping cart via the app and pay for it. As payment methods offers Groupon to you Google Pay, PayPal and credit card. Once you have paid, the voucher will appear in your profile under ,, My purchases ‘‘. Here the app shows you when the voucher will expire, which redemption conditions there are and you can print it out as a gift voucher. Most stores don't require you to print out the voucher. A QR code is provided in the app, which you can easily show.

Groupon is not only versatile in terms of offer categories, but also in its range: many international stores can be found in the app. Groupon If necessary, informs you about current offers by email and also sends you push notifications if there are voucher codes with which you can really save again. To buy from the app you have to create an account; You can just browse without registering. Groupon is available for Android and iOS.

  • free
  • clear
  • a lot of choice
  • partially restricted redemption conditions

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mydealz - The social one

At mydealz The concentrated swarm intelligence of a committed community helps you to get great bargains. Over 500,000 users post deals and voucher codes every minute, with which you can really save money. Of course you can also get active, because that's what makes your living mydealz. Above the posted offers there is an ad that shows in the form of degrees Celsius how hot and therefore worthwhile the deal is. There are no restrictions in terms of categories, but in this savings app you will find more technology and hardware bargains, but also information on cheap flights and fashion sales. The app shows you when voucher codes and offers expire and in the comments the members keep themselves up to date on price changes - so you always save real money thanks to the active community.

To be within mydealz No registration is required for great bargains to browse. Most of the time, the posts forward directly to the supply page. But if you want to post something yourself, you have to create a user account. The evaluation method with degrees Celsius is particularly serious, as it is carried out by the users themselves and thus always shows which offer is really worthwhile. Even if the app looks a bit confusing at first glance, you can quickly find your way into the application. mydealz is available for Android fans as well as iOS users.

  • free
  • active community
  • no registration required
  • confusing at first glance

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Coupies - The alternative

The savings app Coupies uses a very different method to save money than Groupon and mydealz. To save money with this app you first have to go to the website where you can find the current product coupons. Coupies Promises up to 100 percent cashback if you buy one of the products on the website in the store, photograph the receipt and then upload it to the app. If you have accumulated 5 euros in your account, you can transfer the money directly to your account. You can either load your credit onto your PayPal account or transfer it to your bank account. The website shows you how long the offers are valid, how often the coupons can be redeemed and how often the deal is still available.

Coupies promises that the credit you collect by uploading the voucher will be credited to you within 48 hours. You can also browse the current brochures of your favorite retailers in the app and the application always informs you when a particularly worthwhile coupon is online. As an alternative to the e-coupons, you can also print out some coupons. Coupies is available for Android and iOS.

  • free
  • easy handling

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Conclusion - our test result

Savings apps are a great way to save your wallet. Even if all three tested apps offer versatile deals and bargains from various categories, the app loses Coupies across from Groupon and mydealz in terms of choice. The coupons on offer change regularly, but the offer is very limited in contrast to the other two savings apps. But it's worth it before going shopping for the week Coupies- Take a look at the app and maybe get cashback for some groceries on the shopping list. Especially at Groupon and mydealz Every smart saver is sure to find a suitable deal.