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.: advice pack = Group of untrustworthy people

Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin formed an all-male group of friends and colleagues in the late 1950s and early 1960s who, as bad tongues claimed, were known for their ability to drink quickly. Shirley MacLaine joined later as an honorary member ("one of the boys"), even if there were never female members. The circle of the group included Juliet Prowse, Angie Dickinson, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. The group had called itself "The Clan". The name "Rat Pack" was given to them following the anecdote as a rather derogatory label by Lauren Bacall when she met them on their way home from a multi-day drinking spree. The group was also present in show business and realized a number of famous shows in Las Vegas. The "Rat Packs" were so well known, among other things, because the others improvised even when only one was under contract. It was precisely these deposits that made the group famous. In two films she celebrated the cohesion of groups of friends against all odds - Ocean's Eleven (1960) tells of a complicated break-in that only a collective can accomplish; Robin and the Seven Hoods (1964) is a gangster film parody in which gangsters become folk heroes by chance. The film The Rat Pack (1998, Rob Cohen) tells the group's story.
According to another anecdote, the name “Rat Pack” goes back to Humphrey Bogart, who called his party and drinking buddies “Holmby Hills Rat Pack” - Holmby Hills was an expensive and exclusive area in Los Angeles. In addition to Bogart, this circle included Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Sid Luft, Swifty Lazar, Jimmy Van Heusen, David Niven and Kay Thompson. The “Rat Pack” was not formed until after Bogart's death.


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