What is nfte

Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship

The project was awarded the Act seal: April 2015

“Nifti” teaches schoolchildren between the ages of 13 and 20 a basic understanding of economics in a playful way and wants to take away their fear of the world of work. That works surprisingly well!

NFTE whets the appetite for business topics. The organization - pronounced “Nifti” - teaches schoolchildren between the ages of 13 and 20 a basic understanding of business in a playful way and would like to take away their fear of the world of work.

NFTE is aimed in particular at young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds with relatively poor career opportunities. The project first trains the teachers, who then play through the establishment of their own companies together with the students in a simulation game. At the end, the young people present their business ideas and business plan - from mini wind turbines to LED operation to tailor-made children's birthdays to rental of event technology - to a jury with representatives from the regional economy. This not only selects the winners, but also gives young people tips from business practice.

The nice side effect: You also get to know potential future apprentices and employees with their strengths and talents. Since 2004, NFTE has certified almost 1,300 teachers at more than 650 schools across Germany.

NFTE turns the sometimes boring topic of professional preparation into an exciting adventure. The program aims to motivate young people to discover and develop their strengths, think creatively and entrepreneurially and confidently realize their own ideas. It starts at a central interface between school and work and integrates all relevant actors - the students and teachers as well as regional companies and thus potential employers.

The youngsters learn a lot about financing strategies and marketing, get an insight into the basics of accounting, draw up a business plan - and learn through the practical orientation of NFTE why all of this is important. As a result, the young people also take a whole range of soft skills with them: Studies show that the participants develop more self-confidence and self-confidence, show initiative and willingness to learn, train their ability to work in a team and present their thoughts and ideas more confidently.

A number of teachers have observed how their students have become more independent. One student said: “The NFTE course made me ambitious. I wasn't before. I have now also got an apprenticeship position. "