What would your dating profile look like?

Perfect Tinder profile: 8 tips for your description in the profile text as a man!

Online dating can be tough business: you open the flirt app, swipe left and right ... and find that no woman has liked your Tinder profile again.

No matches, ouch! But just between us: Could it be because you as a man are not yet optimally presented in the flirt app?

In this article, I'll give you the 8 best tips and examples on how to get a Create or edit the perfect Tinder profile can - with a description that stands out from the male competition.

Because instead of cheap slogans, you will write a profile text that highlights your individual personality!

Tinder profile: please post good photos first!

Why? Quite simply because the first impression counts:

When online dating, women "wipe" their way through the profile photos in a matter of seconds (just like us guys vice versa) ...

... and only give likes to guys who literally appear likeable "at first glance".

So if you don't have an attractive profile picture as a man, you will immediately get a "dislike" every time and kick the woman into virtual orbit because your male competitors simply seem more interesting.

That's one of the reasons so many men don't get matches on Tinder ...

Avoid this mistake by uploading the perfect photos!

Tinder profile with description to fall in love with

Now comes the second step: As soon as a woman finds your profile photo (and other pictures in your gallery) likeable and attractive ...

... you will take a closer look at your Tinder profile and read the description.

Sure, based on your profile text, she wants to get a better idea of ​​what kind of man she is dealing with and whether it is worth writing to him (or even meeting him later on a date).

The text is therefore important in order to get a like (or match) in the "second selection round" and to get the woman to reply to your first message.

But", You will ask yourself,"how should such a description look like in the profile on Tinder? Concrete example?"We'll get to that in a moment ...

8 hot tips for your Tinder profile text as a man

Most men now know that you need an appealing profile picture for dating apps with matching systems.

But as I said: The profile text with an appealing description is just as crucial to ultimately bagging the likes and matches.

That's why I'll tell you my 8 best tips here:

1. Create and edit your Tinder profile - that's how it works!

First the "technical" aspects of the dating app:

Open the app and tap on the User tab (for Android: Profile symbol at the top left, here in red). Then go to the menu item "Edit info".

In addition to posting photos, you have the option of creating an "About you" text with a maximum length of 500 characters, which you can edit at any time.

This is the profile description, for which I will give you a few useful tips below.

By the way, you can provide further information on your profile page, for example about your job, if it is interesting for the girls or your favorite song.

2. Sayings in the Tinder profile as text?

I keep seeing it in men: instead of one own Write a profile text that expresses your individual personality ...

... post cheap slogans with tons of emojis in your Tinder profile.

These sentences are supposed to sound original, funny or romantic and profound, but are more of a copy from grandmother's poetry album - not sexy!

Remember as a tip for online dating:

Such sayings on your side are a no-go in several ways:

  • The woman thinks that you are an unimaginative guy who only puts copy-and-paste texts on his profile when dating online.
  • She doesn't get any impression of WHO as a man you actually are (character, hobbies, etc.) if a description of yourself is missing.
  • With kitic sayings (garnished with emojis) you appear girlish or like a naive romantic.
  • If the girl wants to write to you first, such a saying will not provide her with an interesting template for her message.

So, please do yourself and the women a favor and refrain from stupid sayings in your Tinder profile!

I'll give you a few tips, ideas and examples of what you can write as text instead, so that you don't have to rely on such garbage in the future.

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3. What you have to consider in the Tinder profile text

It's actually super easy, like everywhere with online dating: Show the women in your Tinder description who you are as a man!

In a meaningful text, reveal interesting things about yourself in order to convey an authentic impression of your personality:

  • Your Hobbys
  • a life mission
  • Wishes / dreams
  • Values ​​in life
  • Destinations
  • and much more

You should make sure that your text is not written down facts, but is written EMOTIONAL. Women just love feelings.

4. Convince them with inventive texts!

Be creative and come up with a concept of how you can pack the whole thing in exciting words (for example, tell a little story from your life)! The motto is: Be different from the other men ...

Would you like more tips on this?

A few examples of profile descriptions for online dating, which you can also use on Tinder, can be found in this article on the profile text on the dating site.

Oh yes, and one more thing:

Present yourself as an attractive guy who is totally into life, but please always stick to the truth and don't try to brag about show-offs. Honesty pays off in the end!

5. Profile description with secrets

Do not enter a novel in your Tinder profile, but limit yourself to a few interesting information about yourself in the description (especially since you only have 500 characters available for the profile text on Tinder anyway).

The reason: men who seem mysterious are simply more interesting to women.

In this way you awaken the urge in her to find out more about yourself and to uncover one or the other secret about yourself ...

... so that she may even be the first to write to you with a question!

In addition, she always gets to know new, exciting aspects of you, both while writing on the dating platform and later on the real date.

Here, however, you should be careful not to overdo it with the frugality. A measly sentence like "Just ask me!“Does not provide any incentive to get to know you better.

Yawning emptiness in your Tinder description is NOT cool, the golden mean is required!

6. Please no negative "single text"

Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who want to appear romantically in their Tinder profile, but just sound needy. You have to read desperate, submissive sayings such as:

  • I've been single for 4 years now and I hope to find a great friend this way.
  • I would carry my wife on my hands ... I would do anything for her.
  • After great disappointment (got cheated on) I registered here on Tinder to meet a lady of the heart who really mean business.
  • Where are you? I've been looking for you all my life!

Okay, these are extreme examples, but you know the direction in which this is going with the description ...

The girls also have a very keen sense for online dating and think of a Tinder profile text like this:

Oh god god. The man seems pretty desperate. Every woman takes it when she just says YES.

As a tip, therefore, the most important rule:

7. Be picky about the description!

Don't put on such a sentimental record as just described. Avoid profile text that sounds negative, submissive, and needy.

Instead, create a perfect Tinder profile with descriptions, with which you put yourself in a positive light and express that you are by no means taking every lady.

You can achieve this by describing your values ​​as well as requirements and criteria for a partner in the text, such as:

  • A sweet smile and fun traveling are particularly important to me with a friend.
  • I'm looking for a woman who enjoys doing sports and who can keep up with cycling.
  • You should be interested in culture just like me. Unfortunately, I can't do anything with dolls who watch make-up videos on the Internet.
  • I would like a partner for a nice time together, but who also has her own hobbies and can do without me for a few hours.

This will make you look much more confident and attractive when you are online dating!

8. Complete your Tinder profile with questions

A tip at the end: You don't necessarily have to include a description of yourself as a man in your Tinder profile text ...

... you can also ask your profile viewers a question, such as:

  • I like to listen to rock music from the 70s and 80s. What's your favorite Band?
  • When I go through the world like that, I keep seeing people who are in a bad mood. What did you really laugh about the last time?
  • Imagine winning the lottery. What would you do with 3 million euros?

Such an original profile text makes many women so curious that they like you on Tinder and hope for a match with you!

These tips don't stop there ...

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