How does meditation feel?

Meditation how do you feel

Meditation how do you feel? Trying means studying. If you want to know how it feels to meditate, then meditate ...

Meditation how do you feel

It can be very different. But one can say that assuming you really go into deep meditation, then you feel deep peace. You feel connected to an inner being. You have a feeling of trust, a feeling of being connected with all beings somewhere, with a higher reality, a feeling of connection with nature, with the earth, with the universe, with the world soul.

In meditation there is a limitless trust and great joy. In deep meditation you have an increased awareness, also in the intensity of the experience. So a complete calm, a connectedness, a joy, an intensity and an expansion of consciousness: This is the experience of deep meditation.

There are other stages in meditation as well. In the beginning you may feel your knees, hips or back, especially when you are cross-legged, or you may feel a tingling sensation, an inner restlessness. It can happen.

There can also be energy experiences. You can feel waves of prana, of life energy. You may get hot from burning any impurities. Shivers of joy can also flow coolly down from above. It can be that inner emotions are triggered, that emotions are there. It may be that suddenly there is an inner restlessness. It can also be that suddenly there is boundless tiredness because you have been exhausted lately.

All these phenomena come and go and in yoga and meditation you would watch that, let go of it and then go deeper and deeper. Until you then come to what you actually feel in meditation.

Meditation, how do you feel? As a true being, as pure awareness, as joy, as silence, as expansion, as connectedness and as intense awareness.

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