What do you hate about Katy Perry

As Katy has now learned, her parents voted Donald Trump.

Breach of trust ?!
Katy Perry actually wanted to release her new album in the coming month. However, since she is so shocked by the result of the US presidential election, she would like to completely rewrite her LP again and bring peace and unity back to the divided country with her new songs.

The musician herself is an avowed supporter of Hillary Clinton and even after the defeat she stands behind the politician and neither deletes her pictures nor her statements on Twitter, Instagram and Co ..

As she said in the interview with "ContactMusic", Katy is said to have recently fallen from the clouds. Your parents are said to have been the reason for another shock, because they were and are actually on the side of Donald Trump.

Katy Perry reveals her parents voted for Donald Trump: https://t.co/RXDYUnsbqI#ElectionNightpic.twitter.com/YdJFsnh6i9

- Entertainment Weekly (@EW) November 9, 2016

“My parents voted for Trump. You know what We'll still be sitting at the same table and celebrating Thanksgiving. [...] It is simply a wonderful country in which you can have your own opinion and represent it. You can stand behind your wishes, dreams and fears, ”she concluded.

Well, can that go well?