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Washing shirts properly: Long live the tailor-made shirt

Even if tailor-made clothing is generally more durable than off-the-peg clothing, proper care can increase the life expectancy of a tailor-made shirt.

So you should be with Washing and ironing your shirts Pay attention to a few things, then you will enjoy your tailored shirt for a long time.

Of course you can choose the convenient way of cleaning, but the individual care of the shirts also has its advantages: it is gentler, particularly stubborn stainscan be removed in a targeted manner and one is regardless of the opening times of the cleaning service.

Very important: sort them correctly and follow the care instructions

Before you even start washing, you should do the Sort laundry by color: so wash light with light and dark with dark. So that shirts do not come out of the drum so wrinkled after washing and are easier to iron later, it is advisable to Wash shirts only together with shirts. The machine shouldn't be too full either: up to seven shirts are a good washing machine load.

Throw one in before washing to be on the safe side Look at the label of the garment you want to wash, because some materials are not suitable for a normal wash cycle, for example silk, or should not be machine washed at all. Suits, for example, are best kept in the dry cleaner, where they are dry-cleaned.

Tips and tricks before washing

Before you put the shirts in the drum, you should get them Fold up the collar and the close the top button. This removes dirt from the collar better and the collar stays in shape. Also take a look at the cuffs, because if they are heavily soiled, you can pretreat them like the collar with a little liquid detergent or gall soap. Got your shirt Collar stiffeners, this is the case, for example, with a shirt with a Kent collar, these must be removed before washing. Otherwise they could be lost or damage other items in the machine or the washing machine itself. To the particularly gentle washing you should Put shirts in a laundry net or pillowcase, or turn them inside out. However, soiling is then not removed quite as reliably.

Temperature, program and detergent
The ideal washing temperature is 40 ° C. White shirts with stubborn stains can also be washed at 60 ° C. A "Easy-care program“, As this washes with more water and spins less strongly - shirts don't get so wrinkled and you have less ironing work to do. If possible with your machine, you can do that too Reduce the number of spinning revolutions.

At the laundry detergent you should pay attention to the color of your shirts again: Heavy duty detergent is suitable for white shirts, mild detergents or colored detergents for colored ones.

After washing: hang up and wait

As soon as the washing machine is finished, you should have the Take out shirts, hang them up and straighten them. Of course, you can also put your shirts in the dryer. But make sure that the shirt is suitable for it and does not use too high a temperature, otherwise the perfect fit of the tailor-made shirt will be over ...

After drying, the last step in care comes, ironing. We'll give you a few tips and tricks on how to do this in our next blog article "To the iron: ironing shirts".

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